My Dog Ate Styrofoam

Nature has provided us with solutions to every problem. At the same time, we are ever working towards discovering the hidden solutions. However, most solutions are often problematic. The problem is that we can not do away with them since their good outweighs the bad. So we are left with one option, and that is being cautious. You have to protect yourself and your loved ones.

When something awful happens to your neighbor’s dog, we often think that they weren’t careful. However, we can never be too cautious to prevent all accidents. We always have to endure a few slip-offs here and there.

What makes cautiousness even tricky is having a dog in the home. Dog’s will drive you nuts. We may be right to say you are ready for parenting if you can manage your dog in the house. They come from being stubborn to being possessive. But they can be so wonderful too.

In this article, we look at an accident that involves your dog eating Styrofoam. We tell you whether you should be worried or not. And we also inform you of what you can do if you ever find yourself in this situation. If by chance, your dog ate Styrofoam, this article is for you before any other person. Let’s chat.

Defining the Term

Before we go any further, it is crucial to define the term Styrofoam. That is because today, there is a lot of confusion when it comes to naming things. Our theme revolves around Styrofoam and its effect on your dog. Would it not be prudent to know what Styrofoam is? So let’s define the term.

Styrofoam is a name given to a brand. It is white and also light. Manufacturers use it for packaging their products. Styrofoam helps in protecting delicate items. Manufacturers also use it to make containers, which help you keep your food hot.

If you still haven’t grasped what it is, let’s break it down even more. Have you ordered an electronic device lately? When unpacking your box, do you remember the white stuff covering the device’s edges? It is one of the things children will gain from your purchase. Now that’s what we call Styrofoam.

Is Styrofoam a Health Hazard for Your Dog?

Styrofoam is more of a plastic. And as you know by now, your dog’s digestive system cannot accommodate any plastic item. So that means that Styrofoam can be a health hazard to your dog. In case your dog eats it, it can have severe effects that can lead to long-term sickness or even death.

However, the severity of the issue also depends on the amount the dog ate. If he only ate a small piece, that should not worry you since it will cause no permanent harm to your dog. However, if your dog ate a large one, you should begin taking some steps, which we’ll talk about later.

What Happens When Your Dog Eats Styrofoam?

It does not matter whether your dog only ate a piece or whether your dog has been eating Styrofoam. The result is still the same. Since your dog’s body cannot digest plastic, his body organs will have to strain. The organs are chiefly the kidneys and the liver. There’s more.

The body can always fight to remove foreign objects. However, when the key players like the liver stretch beyond its ability, it may end up collapsing. It is important to note that your liver is always the last man standing in the war. When the liver and kidneys collapse, the result is death.

What About Your Dog’s Breed and Size?

Styrofoam is likely to kill any dog, irrespective of whether he is small or big. Even if you have a bulldog or a German shepherd, the danger is the same. The only difference is that it may affect your dog more if he had any underlying condition. So the rate of risk also depends on your dog’s immune system.

What to Do if Your Dog Eats Styrofoam

The first step you need to take as soon as you realize your dog ate Styrofoam is calling your vet. They will probably ask you some basic questions regarding the current health status and the dog’s behavior. It would help if you were as accurate with the information you give as possible. So remember to be calm and composed. Your vet will most likely ask you to take your dog to the clinic for tests and monitoring.

Wrapping It Up

Styrofoam is plastic. Hence when your dog eats it, you may need to take necessary precautions. Do not wait to see any effects since, apart from choking, others take time to show. And that is because Styrofoam is slowly killing your dog. The size and breed do not matter, so contact your vet as soon as it happens.

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