My Dog Ate Tobacco

As a dog owner, you are always on your toes to ensure that whatever your dog eats is good for him. However, regardless of your effort, your dog may sneak and eat something dangerous. One of the things that your dog may eat without your knowledge is tobacco. It is stressful and confusing if your dog eats tobacco. One of your main fears is whether or not your dog will be fine. Your reaction after your dog eats tobacco determines whether or not he will be fine. Therefore, you need to equip yourself with the right tips to help you avoid anything that could lead your dog to a life-threatening situation. Please read below to know what to expect when your dog eats tobacco and what to do about it.

Is Tobacco Harmful to Your Dog?

Although this may scare you, tobacco is life-threatening to your dog. This is especially if you do not seek treatment as soon as you realize that he ate it. Tobacco is risky because it contains nicotine, which is toxic to a dog and especially puppies. If your dog is older, he may not be seriously affected after eating a little amount of tobacco. However, he may have some health issues, so it is necessary to inform a vet. Nevertheless, if the tobacco was a lot, for instance, a cigar packet, the dog will be in a critical condition if he does not see a vet as soon as possible.

Symptoms of Nicotine Poisoning in Dogs

Your dog can eat tobacco when you are away. However, he may start showing signs of nicotine poisoning, which will help you know that all is not well. Some of these signs of nicotine toxicity are such as an abnormal or rapid heart rate. There may also be excessive drooling, weakness, and lethargy. Uncharacteristic behaviors, hyperactivity, and excitement are also signs that all is not well with the dog.

What Should You Do After Your Dog Eats Tobacco?

As mentioned above, tobacco has severe effects on your dog that could cost him his life. For this reason, as soon as you realize that your dog has eaten tobacco, you need to act fast to help save his life. Some of the things that you can do after your dog eats tobacco are such as:

Administer Hydrogen Peroxide

As soon as you realize that your dog ate tobacco, administer a dose of hydrogen peroxide. This helps induce vomiting, thus eliminating the tobacco ingested. Inducing vomiting works best if your dog just ate the tobacco; that is, you caught him eating the tobacco. The amount of nicotine that has already been absorbed in the body may be minimal. If you are not sure how long ago he ate it, you can still administer hydrogen peroxide through this may not be as helpful if he ate the tobacco many hours ago.

Inform a Veterinarian

Administering hydrogen peroxide does not mean that your dog is safe. Instead, this is the first aid to prevent further absorption of nicotine in the body. Therefore, you need to book an appointment with your veterinarian and inform him that your case is an emergency. Book an appointment with your vet even if your dog has vomited everything that he has eaten. Do not take any risks since even low nicotine levels can have adverse effects on your dog. Your vet will ask how much tobacco the dog has eaten and when he ate it. Although it may be tricky to know exactly how much he has eaten or when he ate it, strive to guess the right answer for you to have the best results.

How Does the Veterinarian Handle Such a Case?

After you take your dog to the vet, they will start by detoxifying him. This is done by giving the dog activated charcoal and using an IV to administer liquids in the body. These liquids help the dog’s body to break down the nicotine and get rid of it. The procedure may make your dog vomit severally, which is a sign that the toxic nicotine is being expelled. Vomiting may continue until the liver breaks down all the nicotine, and your dog is out of danger.


Finding out that your dog ate tobacco can make you have a nerve-wracking and stressful time. Although it may be hard, acting fast is what will save your fur friend. After your dog is well, try your best to keep him away from tobacco and nicotine to avoid such stress in the future.  

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