My Dog Ate Toothpaste

Your dog might be eating so many things behind your back and without your approval. Some may not harm him, but most of the things your puppy eats unapproved are never good for his health. Toothpaste is one of the things you can’t allow your puppy to eat. Why not yet you can brush his teeth using the same toothpaste. Well, as you know, toothpaste consists of different components like Xylitol, which can harm your puppy. That’s why whenever you brush your pup’s teeth using toothpaste, he has to spit it out. 

However, finding out that your hound ate toothpaste can make you panic. To avoid panicking while in such a situation, read along to understand how you can treat your canine after eating toothpaste. You’ll also learn the effects of toothpaste on your hound and the best preventive measures.

What Can Drive Your Canine into Eating Toothpaste?

Given that your puppy can’t resist the sight of sweet things, he might be tempted to eat toothpaste because of its taste. Another reason is your pup loves eating non-food stuff; he’ll swallow toothpaste if he can reach it where you keep it. Fun and killing boredom can also push your hound into eating toothpaste.

Signs That Eating Toothpaste Can Harm Your Puppy

Since your furry friend shouldn’t eat toothpaste, expect him to react to it if he does so. Eating toothpaste will lead to the following signs in your dog. First, he will be vomiting, weak, and have poor muscle coordination or control. Your puppy will also have seizures, poop becomes black, and may collapse. In extreme cases, your canine might be in a coma and even die or have malaise. Be keen to monitor your dog as these symptoms may fail to show until he experiences liver failure. 

What Makes Toothpaste Harmful if Your Hound Eats It

The composition of toothpaste is what makes it harmful to your puppy. Toothpaste contains fluoride, baking soda, and Xylitol, and each has its effect on your hound. For example, even if eaten in small portions, Xylitol will make your puppy have liver failure. It can also cause seizures and coma, which can bring about death as it results in hypoglycemia. With this condition, your puppy’s body will gradually stop operating. Remember, Xylitol takes less than an hour to cause permanent damage to your puppy, so be fast to call the vet.

On the other hand, fluoride will make your dog have stomach complications resulting in urinary tract issues. Also, it can make him have heart issues or even seizures. Baking soda is acidic and expands into a foam in your puppy’s mouth. When your pup eats toothpaste, the baking soda in it will make him bloat. It may also make your puppy have muscle contractions, electrolyte imbalance, and seizures. Baking soda in the toothpaste will also make your canine dehydrated and weak.  

What if Your Puppy Ate the Toothpaste Tube Too?

The toothpaste container is made of plastic, so if your pup ingested the casing, it would be a different case. Remember, your puppy can’t ingest plastic. When he eats the tube, it will make him vomit, lose appetite, and be in pain. If your hound is lucky, the container can come out as he vomits, but he’ll have intestinal obstruction if stuck. In this case, your dog’s life will be in danger.

Treating Your Puppy After Eating Toothpaste

Your vet may do the first thing if it’s not long since your puppy ate toothpaste to induce vomiting to get rid of the plastic. But if it’s because of Xylitol, it will need a special vet’s attention since it gets absorbed faster into his body. Since Xylitol makes your canine dehydrated and weak, your vet will inject him with intravenous fluids. Close monitoring should also be done to ensure he’s progressing well. Your vet will inject him with intravenous fluids consisting of calcium or magnesium after conducting the right blood tests to eliminate fluoride. The injection will help your puppy boost his mineral level, which prevents him from being weak.   


When your puppy ingested Xylitol in the toothpaste, it can kill him within no time. The fluoride will also make him have stomach complications and affect his urinary tract. Immediately you realize that your puppy has eaten it and call the vet so that he can initiate treatment to help save his life.  

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