My Dog Ate Uncooked Popcorn

One of the blessings that nature and nature’s God has graced humanity with is popcorn. That is because popcorns grow everywhere in the world as long as you’ve got fertile soil and the right conditions. Since popcorn is a sister to the corn we are familiar with, it’s one healthy cereal. Even so, scientists have made disturbing discoveries regarding the safety of popcorn for human consumption.

It turns out that we also have our partners in corn eating. Guess who your competitor is? We are not talking about the cows and goats and the whole farm animal family. We are talking about the smooth criminal; yours truly, the dog in the home. Yes, dogs are also developing a love for corn.

We bet you know that popcorn is only sweet in its glory. That is when it’s cooked. Having that in mind, it is unthinkable for one to eat uncooked popcorn. Apart from being tasteless, it’s also unhealthy.

In this article, we look at a situation where you realize your dog ate uncooked popcorn. Does the same preparation principle apply to your dog as it does to you? Is your dog safe? These, among others, are the questions we seek to answer. To crown the whole subject, we will also give you solutions. We are ready when you are.

Is Uncooked Popcorn Safe for Your Dog?

Uncooked popcorn, just like its sister, the corn, has a hard shell that is quite hard to crack. It takes strong teeth to crush them. And that’s not a problem for your dog. The problem is that dogs do not know the law of temperance. That means that he will eat anything of any amount.

There is no problem with your dog eating a single uncooked popcorn accidentally. But your guess is good as mine, that your dog probably ate as much as his mouth could contain. While his teeth crushed some corn, some went through without some crushing.

With uncooked and uncrushed popcorn in your dog’s gastrointestinal tract, that spells trouble. It can lead to problems which we’ll be looking into in a later segment. Follow on.

Is Uncooked Popcorn Healthy for Your Dog?

Whether uncooked popcorn is healthy for dogs is similar to the question we answered in the previous segment. However, they are not all the same. Because in this section, we look at the health benefits that uncooked popcorn has on your dog. Isn’t that something good?

Well, uncooked popcorn has some health benefits for you and your dog. Two tablespoons of raw popcorn contain 150.2 calories, 17 grams carbohydrates, 9 grams of fat, and 2 grams of protein. Now that is a fair amount of nutrition.

However, that does not mean that your dog is completely safe. Eating lots of uncooked popcorn will put too much burden on the digestive system. In a nutshell, eating raw popcorn in large quantities is neither safe nor healthy for your dog.

Note that we do not advise you to feed your dog raw popcorns. If you would like to give your dog a popcorn treat, serve him with fully popped corn. Furthermore, let the popcorn be plain; without added salt or spices or toppings. Lastly, give a small quantity of popcorn to your dog. According to recent studies, popcorn is responsible for diabetes and obesity in dogs.

What Happens After Your Dog Eats Uncooked Popcorn?

There is a great danger in your dog eating uncooked popcorn. Once your dog eats the popcorn, they will get trapped between the dog’s teeth. Now that is dangerous since raw popcorn is like shattered pieces of plastic in your dog’s teeth. They will hurt your dog’s gums together with the teeth.

The other danger is that the uncooked popcorns can cause choking in your dog. Also, when the popcorn goes further to the GI tract, it can cause a blockage. When there is a blockage, expect symptoms like pain in the abdominal region. Your dog will also lose his appetite. Lethargy is also one of the common symptoms.

When to Give Your Vet a Call

The first thing to do when you realize that your dog ate uncooked popcorn is to call your vet. That is important since your vet will advise you on what to do. Your vet may ask you to monitor your dog if he does not see a threat at the moment. However, if you notice that your dog is behaving strangely, visit the dog clinic immediately.

Let’s Wrap It Up

We like popcorn, and so do our canine friends. When you least expect it, they will take advantage of every opportunity they get. And before you know it, they’ve eaten uncooked popcorn. As soon as you realize it, contact your vet and ask him about it. When the storm is over, be cautious not to give your dog large amounts of cooked popcorn. Also, ensure that you put uncooked popcorn out of their reach.

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