My Dog Ate Uncooked Rice

If you are familiar with dogs, you already know that they love feeding on different types of food. One of the foods that dogs love eating is rice. In fact, brands of dog food contain rice as the main ingredient. If cooked well, it can be the best meal for dogs.

But what happens if your dog ingests raw rice? Is this something that should worry you? What should you do if your pet feeds on uncooked rice? This article will answer these questions and anything else you need to know about a dog eating uncooked rice. Ensure you read the post to the end to learn more.

Can Dogs Ingest Uncooked Rice?

One thing that confuses most pet owners is if their dog can eat uncooked rice. Just you know, dogs are created differently from humans, and so is their way of thinking. They can eat up anything that smells nice, whether cooked or uncooked, edible or inedible. So, yes, a dog can eat raw rice and any other uncooked grains.

Is It Okay for a Dog to Eat Uncooked Rice?

Dogs can occasionally chew raw grains. However, if it becomes a habit, this may cause serious health problems. In many scenarios, if a dog ingests uncooked rice, he usually vomits it out. Sometimes he may not, something that should get you worried. If ingested raw, grains like rice can affect your pet’s health, especially if you don’t flash it out in good time.

What Happens When a Dog Eats Uncooked Rice?

When your dog eats uncooked rice, he will experience some level of discomfort and may also become sick. Uncooked rice can also cause serious health complications to your dog. For instance, raw rice can soak moisture when it enters the pet’s stomach, causing a gastrointestinal blockage. This condition can lead to health problems such as ingestion, constipation, and even diarrhea. 

In rare cases, ingestion of raw rice can also lead to internal organs failure and even death. Note that there are fewer chances of this happening to your pet. But this doesn’t mean it can’t happen. So, it is good that you be aware of the dangers or adverse effects involved in the consumption of raw rice.

What to Do After Your Dog Eats Uncooked Rice

One unfortunate thing with the consumption of raw rice is that it takes time before the dog begins to show some symptoms. That is why it is crucial to immediately take your dog to your nearest vet if you suspect that it has ingested some raw rice. 

The kind of treatment the vet may recommend will depend on various factors such as the size of the dog and the amount of raw rice he has ingested. You, therefore, need to establish the quantity of uncooked rice your pet has consumed. This information is useful because it will give the vet an idea of how to handle the situation. 

The best treatment when a dog ingests raw rice is to induce vomiting as soon as possible. It is much safer to get it out before passing through the intestine. So, when the vet induces vomiting, it will prevent liquid accumulation in the stomach. The rice will not be able to absorb and cause bloating. 

What You Also Need to Know About Rice and Dogs

Properly cooked rice is healthy food and should be part of your pet’s diet. Vet experts recommend a portion of rice when feeding your dog, especially when he is sick.  They say that rice is low in fiber, making digestion much more effortless. So, if your dog is having a constipation problem, rice is good as it helps to calm the tummy. Also, the nutritional value of rice can help boost your pet’s health.


Note that it doesn’t matter how cautious you may be with your dog. This four-legged friend will always find a way of sneaking to grab and chew something he shouldn’t. Since it is impossible to watch him around the clock, ensure that you put away items and foodstuffs that might harm him. Crating him for some time when you have dangerous things around is also a good idea. You can only release him if you have cleaned up and the house is safe for him to roam around.

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