My Dog Ate Vaseline

As a pet parent, there are many things that you have learned about your dog by living with him. One of the conclusions you can comfortably make is that dogs eat almost everything that may come their way. For this reason, you will not be so surprised in case you discovered that your dog ate something as weird as Vaseline. Considering that Vaseline is petroleum jelly, it is normal to feel worried if your dog ate some. However, like many other inedible things that dogs eat, it does not harm if eaten in small quantities. Nevertheless, this does not mean that your dog is completely safe after eating Vaseline. Read on for more information on what to expect if your dog eats Vaseline and what you should do.

Is Vaseline Bad for Dogs?

As mentioned above, Vaseline is not dangerous to your dog if eaten in small quantities. However, if your pet ate a jar of Vaseline, you should obviously expect some consequences. Vaseline is a petroleum jelly that is obtained from oil refining. This means that Vaseline could have some properties not suitable for your dog’s digestive system. For instance, Vaseline could cause pneumonia if it reaches the lungs and covers them. On the other hand, Vaseline may contain cocoa butter, which also has serious effects on your dog. The Vaseline could also have flavored or colored products, which could cause stomach problems for your dog.

Why Do Dogs Eat Vaseline?

It is not surprising to realize that your dog keeps eating Vaseline regardless of your effort to keep him away from it. Some of the reasons why your dog will keep on looking for Vaseline is because it smells and tastes delicious. This is especially when a flavoring product has been included to make the Vaseline smell better. Additionally, the dog may be attracted to Vaseline because it smells like you. When they follow the scent and find that it’s not you, they eat whatever it is that they come across. Curiosity is also another reason why dogs may eat Vaseline. When they come across the Vaseline container, they eat it as they try to find out what it is.

Is Vaseline Fatal for Dogs?

Generally, it is so unlikely that your dog will die after eating Vaseline. In fact, as mentioned above, the Vaseline will possibly not harm your dog in any way. The Vaseline will pass through the digestive system, and he will excrete it through the stool. Additionally, since Vaseline is soft, it will not cause any blockage in the gut. Some of the signs that you are likely to see after your dog eats a lot of Vaseline are vomiting, diarrhea, and tummy ache. The dog could also get dehydrated if he ate a lot of Vaseline.

What Should You Do After Your Dog Eats Vaseline?

As a responsible dog owner, you want to do your best after getting your dog doing something as risky as eating Vaseline to ensure that he is well. This helps you eliminate all possible risks that could cause trouble in the future. Some of these things that you should do after you get your dog eating Vaseline include:

Stop Them from Ingesting Any More

The first thing that you should do after you get your dog eating Vaseline is to stop them from eating any more of it. It would be best if you locked the dog in another room to allow you time to clear up the mess without him eating anymore.

Avoid Inducing Vomiting

More often than not, inducing vomiting is the first thing that comes to mind when your dog eats something dangerous. However, you should leave the inducing vomiting part for the veterinarian. Additionally, if the dog had eaten only a little Vaseline, he would probably be fine even without inducing vomiting.

Observe the Dog for a While

Ingested Vaseline is likely to cause mild symptoms in your dog. For instance, it may cause vomiting or diarrhea, especially if taken in large amounts. Therefore, observe your dog for such and other behavior changes. If he seems to be unwell after several hours, inform a vet to confirm whether all is well.

Is It Necessary to Contact a Veterinarian?

Ideally, it is not a must that you inform your veterinarian as soon as you notice that your dog has eaten Vaseline. However, if your dog has severe vomiting and diarrhea, you should inform your vet. The vet will administer drugs to help calm the symptoms and confirm whether there is any other problem.


When your dog eats Vaseline, he will most likely have only mild signs of an upset tummy. However, keep Vaseline away from him to prevent him from eating it in the future. In case the symptoms persist for long, inform a vet for a better diagnosis.

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