My Dog Ate Vegetable Oil

Dogs love eating and chewing, and to some, it’s habitual that they can’t resist the sight of anything that looks edible. If your puppy is one of them, know that he’ll want to taste anything that comes his way. What can you do to stop this habit? Will, your puppy, be safe after eating such things, or what should you do in this instance? It’s normal to ask yourself these questions, but what if your canine ate vegetable oil? Will you panic or assume everything will be okay? To understand what happens to your hound after eating vegetable oil and how to care for him, read this informative article.

Signs That Your Dog Ate Vegetable Oil

If your dog didn’t eat much vegetable oil, he’ll vomit or diarrhea for just a day and be normal. However, there are other signs that he might show that will assure you that he ate vegetable oil. Your puppy’s gum will turn pale as his temperature rises, and he has difficulty breathing. Depression, fever, and shock are also other signs. 

Will Ingesting Vegetable Oil Harm Your Puppy?

Have you ever heard that you can use vegetable oil to soothe your puppy’s dry skin? It is believed that when you apply vegetable oil on your puppy’s itchy skin, it can help him out. But what if he eats vegetable oil? When your dog eats vegetable oil inconsiderate amounts, it can help him with his skin condition. Vegetable oil contains omega-6 fatty acids. It helps him have moist skin inside out.

But when your puppy overeats vegetable oil, he will experience some discomfort. Your puppy will develop diarrhea, which is not good for his health.  Remember, some dogs are allergic to vegetable oil, so maybe yours can be one of them. 

What Happens After Your Puppy Consumes Vegetable Oil in Excess?

When your pup eats a lot of vegetable oil, be ready to clean his mess as he’ll be vomiting and diarrhea. Eating vegetable oil can also make your puppy have pancreatitis or gastroenteritis. With this condition, your puppy’s pancreas will have pus swelling that will need surgery.

How Will You Tell if Your Canine Has Pancreatitis or Gastroenteritis? 

When your pup develops pancreatitis after eating vegetable oil, you will note that he” be vomiting regularly. Your hound will also have excruciating pain in his upper abdomen and excrete yellow poop that’s damn smelly. If your puppy vomits for long, he’ll become dehydrated, which makes him weak.

Another condition that may develop after your canine eats a lot of vegetable oil is gastroenteritis. With this, your pup’s stomach or intestines will have swelling. When your dog has gastroenteritis, he’ll vomit, have reduced appetite while his stool is loose and greasy. Also, he’ll have abdominal pain being sluggish and at times have blood in his poop. Call the vet if you realize your puppy is having this sign so that he can receive immediate treatment.

What to Do to Your Puppy After Eating Vegetable Oil?

If you’re sure your hound ate vegetable oil and shows signs of taking higher quantities, you can give him watermelon. Give your furry friend an apple, cooked chicken, or carrots. Beef with some carbohydrates or pig can also help your puppy manage the effects of gastroenteritis. You can also give your hound pancake syrup to boost his energy level. 

Treating Your Canine Who Ate Excess Vegetable Oil

There are medications that you can give your pup after eating vegetable oil in excess. The vet may advise you to buy Pepcid AC or ranitidine over the counter and give him half a tablet. Give your puppy this medicine after 12 hours for about three days. You can also stop feeding your hound for up to 12 hours. The idea here is to give your puppy time so that his gastrointestinal system heals. Let the dog be in a comfortable place indoors as he fasts. You can then provide him with water or Pedialyte after resting for half a day as you monitor him.

Preventive Measures

You can prevent your hound from eating vegetable oil by closing the kitchen door. Disposing of the used container of a vegetable oil well can also prevent him from eating it. Have a lockable dustbin where you can throw the used containers so that your puppy doesn’t get them.


Vegetable oil isn’t toxic to your puppy, although it will cause him some discomfort. Keep vegetable oil safely, and if possible, close your kitchen doors. Call the vet if you realize your hound’s condition is getting worse after eating vegetable oil.

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