My Dog Ate Visine

Dogs have this habit of chewing things when the owner is not watching or is at work. They can pick and chew anything within their reach, whether edible or inedible. If you have a puppy, you should expect more of this behavior until he is older enough and well trained.

However, do you know that some of the things in your household like Visine can be dangerous to your dog? This post focuses on Visine and dogs. It will answer questions like how toxic is Visine? Can it kill your dog? What are the signs of Visine poisoning? What you can do to save the situation and much more.

Is Visine Safe or Dangerous for Dogs?

Visine is not safe for your dog. It contains a chemical known as imidazoline, which is highly toxic. So, if your dog ingests even a small amount of this, he can suffer serious health complications. So, in case your pet eats Visine, or you have suspicions of possible ingestion, you should contact your vet right away.

Also, there is a possibility of the dog suffering from gastrointestinal problems if he happens to chew the Visine container. So, apart from poisoning, he may also experience other health problems like intestinal blockage or indigestion.

What Happens if Your Dog Eats Visine?

When a dog ingests Visine, he may develop severe health complications. The substance has a dangerous toxin that can cause serious poisoning situations. The poison usually constricts your dog’s blood vessels, leading to low blood pressure and increased heart rate. These two conditions are fatal and pose a high health risk to your pet. In other words, the life of your dog can be in grave danger if he happens to develop these two symptoms after ingesting Visine.

Signs and Symptoms of Visine Poisoning

When a dog eats Visine, he will exhibit a number of symptoms. However, note that the severity of the symptoms and how soon they begin to show will depend on the amount of Visine he has consumed. The following are common signs of Visine ingestion in dogs: vomiting, shaking, panting, ataxia, loud breathing, hyperactivity, depression, and weakness. You will also notice some nervousness, gastrointestinal upset, lethargy, low blood pressure, agitation, decreased heart rate, and irregular cardiac rhythms.

Can a Dog Die from Ingesting Visine?

Yes, Visine can kill your dog. As noted earlier in this post, there is a chemical in this substance known as imidazoline, which is highly toxic. It absorbs fast into the body system and can damage the body organs. If you don’t manage the situation in good time, your dog may suffer serious health problems, including death.

The amount of poison in the system can also hasten the death process. So, as you talk to your vet, it is good to let him know the amount of Visine your pet has consumed. However, since the toxin in Visine is hazardous, even a small amount is enough to kill the dog. So, immediate medical attention will be necessary if you want to save his life.

What to Do if Your Dog Consumes Visine

Trying to induce vomiting when your dog ingests Visine may be pointless. As mentioned earlier, Visine contains imidazoline, which is highly toxic. It has the ability to absorb into your dog’s system very fast. The best thing to do is to take him to your nearest vet for diagnosis and treatment.

If he isn’t showing any signs of poisoning yet, it means that the poison has not reached the system. Your vet may use activated charcoal to help prevent the absorption of the poison. If the toxin is already in the system, the vet will administer various treatments. He will put your pet on the fluid to prevent any dehydration and to correct any metabolic abnormality. In case of increased heart rate, the vet will give your dog medication to bring the rate back to normal. Other supportive medication may also be necessary to control nervousness and the shaking in your dog.


Whether the toxicity of Visine is moderate or severe, seeking instant medical attention is crucial. If your dog gets immediate and proper medical attention, averting the effects of poisoning will be easy. It means that there are high chances of your dog surviving the poisoning. However, if you take too long to seek medication, the heart rate and blood pressure might seriously drop. If this happens, your dog may go into a coma or even die.

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