My Dog Ate Wasabi

Wasabi is a substance that is spice and is found in meals. The spiciness in it can be dangerous as it might cause discomfort in your dog; if he eats it. Typically for humans, wasabi is too spicy and hard to handle when eaten more often, so it is obviously dangerous when your dog eats it. Your dog might have licked it once and noticed how spicy it is.

What Happens to Your Dog Who Ate Wasabi

It is natural for a dog to have a sense of taste and smell. But some things are not healthy for their tongue and stomach. If you feel that your dog ate wasabi, here is what will most probably happen to him. Your dog will feel uncomfortable, especially on his tongue, due to the spiciness. Again, he might start feeling an upset stomach, especially when he eats wasabi in a large quantity.

Signs That Will Show Your Dog Ate Wasabi

There are few signs that you will notice in your dog a few moments after him eating wasabi. They include;

Strain in Their Mouth

Your dog will feel uncomfortable in his mouth due to the spiciness of wasabi. It is not even comfortable for human beings too.

Excess Gas in His Stomach

If your dog ate too much wasabi, he would have a stomach upset, which is a sign of excess gas in his stomach. Releasing the gasses by excreting might be a good sign to help him recover.


Whenever your dog shows a sign of loose or watery stool, it means there is a problem in his stomach. Your dog might begin to diarrhea after eating wasabi.


Vomiting is a common symptom of a dog who is not feeling well. It is caused by eating harmful substances, including wasabi.

Stomach Pain

Due to excess gas, diarrhea, and vomiting, your dog might start having pain in his stomach. All these things are caused by eating wasabi.


When your dog shows some signs of restlessness, it is obvious that he is not feeling well at all. One of the common signs you will notice in your dog when he eats wasabi is restless every time.


You will start noticing too much saliva in your dog’s mouth. The spiciness causes it in wasabi, which your dog ate.

What to Do After Your Dog Ate Wasabi

Your dog might start showing the above symptoms. If you feel worried and unsettled, please do the following.

Gather as Much Information as You Can

Try to have as much information as you can before you do anything. Know at what time did your dog eat wasabi, how much did he eat, and what are the signs he is showing at the moment. The information will help your vet review your dog’s conditions and know the right medicines to prescribe to your dog.

Inform Your Vet on Your Dog’s Condition

Contact your vet and tell him the condition of your dog. Provide him with the information you have gathered to help him know how to help your dog. Again, listen and follow the vet’s instructions carefully and do as he says. 

Monitor Your Dog Closely

After your vet has given you the instructions to follow or even have prescribed medicines to your dog, watch him closely. As you give him medicine, watch if he is recovering or still need some medical attention.

How to Prevent Your Dog From Eating Wasabi Again

Please don’t underestimate your dog, thinking that he might have learned his lesson after the pain he suffered because of eating wasabi. He can eat it repeatedly if you leave it carelessly because, for dogs, everything can be their food. If you wish to prevent your dog from eating wasabi again, then try out the following;

Place Your Food on the Shelves

Place anything food-related far away from where your dog cannot reach them, including wasabi. You can put them on your shelves where your dog cannot reach them. Again, it will help you train your dog.

Always Close the Trash Bin After Using It

Dogs tend to go through the dustbins after putting the trash inside. Make sure your trash bin is always closed to prevent him from going through to find spicy leftovers like wasabi.

Remove Leftovers From the Table After Eating

Ensure your dog does not find leftovers from your table because when he does, he will no doubt eat them. After eating, remove the leftovers from the table because they might contain some spicy foodstuff that will be harmful if your dog eats.


Take care of your dog. Watch his diet and everything he eats. Be careful about what you give him and train him to avoid eating everything in the name of food. You can do that by initiating a rule that he will follow; use a specific word like ‘leave that,’ and whenever he sees him eating anything, shout the word to him. It will become a habit, and eventually, he will learn. It is worth it.

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