My Dog Ate Wood Chips

As you know, dogs love chewing things, some of which are harmful to their life. If your puppy ate wood chips, you’d wonder why he did that while he’s got his treats and food. But being that eating is something your dog can’t resist, he’ll with no doubt eat the wood chips. If you’re into agriculture, you’ll probably have wood chips in your garden. Wood Chips may also be part of your landscape. For whatever reason, is having wood chips in the compound safe with your pup around? Read To understand what will happen to your puppy after eating wood chips. You’ll also learn what you can do to prevent him from eating them.

Why Your Puppy Ate Wood Chips

Even though dogs love eating non-food stuff, your puppy has his reasons for chewing wood chips. Your furry friend will resort to eating wood chips because of pain in his tooth. If Your hound is teething, if he’s young, he’ll have discomfort that will force him to look for something to relieve the pain. So, eating the wood chips will help your pup be comfortable in this case. 

Another reason that can make your canine eat wood chips is boredom, which can make him destructive. Your hound may also find the wood chips tasty, forcing him to eat them. When your dog has pica condition, he’ll find it easy eating non-food stuff like wood chips. Your pup is likely to have this condition while in stress, hungry or anxious. 

Symptoms of Your Puppy Eating Wood Chips

After your puppy eats wood chips, you’ll realize that he’ll be having injuries in his mouth. Also, your hound will be vomiting, constipate, or have abdominal pain. In the case of intestinal blockage, his stool will be darker, drool, and experience burping.

Dangers of Your Puppy Eating Wood Chips

When your hound eats wood chips, the chances of him escaping unhurt are very minimal. Given that wood chips are of different shapes, some with sharp edges can harm your dog, mainly when dry. The wood chips will pierce your puppy’s mouth, causing gum or tooth injury. With this, your dog will not only have pain, but the damage can develop into a wound. When your pup has a wound in his gums, eating will make it weak and even lose weight. 

Suppose your pooch ate decomposing wood chips in the garden; he risks eating fungus in the process. A fungus known as Aspergillus fumigatus loves staying where the woodchip is damp. If your pup eats these fungi, which have got the poison, his liver may develop complications. If the woodchip your hound ate was treated with chemicals, he could develop serious complications. When both fungus and chemicals get in his digestive tract, your puppy’s health may be at risk. Given that your canine may fail to ingest the woodchips, he may have an intestinal obstruction.

What to Do to Your Canine After Eating Wood Chips?

If your hound eats a small number of wood chips, don’t panic, as he will be fine. The chances are that he might vomit it out or poop it when going for a long call. However, if your puppy ate many wood chips, be first to call the vet as it might have toxic chemicals. If your hound ingests chemicals, he might end up dying with no treatment. Remember, wet wood chips may be having fungus, which can poison your pup. To be safe, consult with the vet so that your puppy can get assistance. If your puppy develops obstruction, the vet may opt for surgery. But if it’s not long since your hound ate wood chips, the vet may induce vomiting.

Preventing Your Dog from Eating Wood Chips

You can decide and block the paths leading to where wood chips are or give your hound something to chew like a toy. Removing the wood chips to a place where your puppy can’t reach is also another option. Keeping your hound busy can also help him kill boredom preventing him from eating wood chips.  Play with your puppy or let him exercise to keep away anxious thoughts. If not, use anti-chew sprays so that your puppy doesn’t eat the wood chips.


Eating wood chips is not only harmful to your puppy, but it also contains toxins. Use the best preventive measures to stop your dog from eating the wood chips. Know the signs your pup will show after eating the wood chips.

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