My Dog Ate Yeast Dough

Although your dog will eat anything and not fall ill, one of the most dangerous food items is bread dough that has yeast in it. The activated yeast poses a significant danger to your animal’s digestive system once they eat the uncooked dough. Yeast awakens and flourishes more in a wet and moist environment, such as your dog’s stomach as a living organism. It is a perfect ground where it multiplies wildly. After ingestion, the immediate effect is the production of massive amounts of carbon dioxide, making the tummy expand, and hence the bloating symptom that manifests.

Another thing is that this type of gas isn’t like the other digestive gases. Instead, it remains stuck within your dog’s tummy, exerting pressure on the stomach lining and nearby organs. Without quick action, it can rapture the stomach walls and cause cardiovascular and diaphragm damage.

Some of the Serious Symptoms You Are Likely to See

Besides the stomach’s ultimate swelling, which indicates bloating, your dog may show a sudden behavior change. For example, the pup could become restless and anxious. Drooling could also be part of the symptoms. And as the condition progresses, your dog may begin to pace and with either shallow or heavy breathing. At this point, the dog may also attempt to vomit to no avail. Please, never wait for symptoms to get worse, as time is of the essence to save your dog’s life. Research says more than a quarter of canines succumb even after undergoing treatment for yeast ingestion.

The Two Different Types of Yeast Poisoning Your Dog May Experience

In the initial stages of yeast dough consumption, your dog may have bloat and stomach distention. But this is because of the constant production of carbon dioxide. Now the real danger lies in the fact that yeast also produces ethanol, the primary alcohol component. The amount of yeast dough your dog ate determines the level of alcohol poisoning your dog experiences. Again, your dog may suffer more of the symptoms if they ate on an empty stomach. Without quick response and timely treatment, the effect of alcohol poisoning is dire. For example, your pup can begin to experience a lower heart rate and a highly acidic environment in the body. They could also suffer a heart attack.

What Are the Main Risk Factors in Yeast Dough Ingestion?

Several reasons can be why your dog eats uncooked yeast dough. For example, the dough has to be left alone for the rising effect to take place. It is during that time that the dog quickly sneaks in and eats. Secondly, you may feed the dough to your dog, not knowing the attached dangers. Then, throwing the unused yeast dough in the trash allows your dog to ravage and gorge on it. Lastly, dogs, including yours, can eat just about anything without care.

Why Dog Yeast Dough Ingestion Is a Crisis Needing Vet Attention

You can do nothing other than get to the vet to help your dog once you find that they have eaten uncooked yeast dough. Since the symptoms are almost immediate, the faster you act, the earlier your vet will do a blood test to ascertain blood alcohol levels in the system. The abdominal destination is a clear sign of bloating, for which your dog requires immediate treatment. The doctor may still take imaging tests to rule out any other foreign ingestion besides the gas buildup. Providing a full medical and dietary history of your dog can help the vet rule out any underlying conditions and give a correct diagnosis for treatment.

Treatment for yeast dough ingestion may take different forms. For example, the vet may attempt to induce vomiting. But this depends on how early if the diagnosis is in the earliest stages of ingestion. Sometimes you may have to provide water to hasten the process of yeast breakdown and reduce gas buildup. Typical vet treatment may involve Intravenous injection of fluids, which can then dilute alcohol in the system and accelerate urination.

Generally, it is vital to take precautions while working around any yeast-based products in your home. With a sneaky dog hovering around, they can ingest on, which can eventually be deadly.

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