My Dog Ate Zzzquil Gummies

Some Zzzquil gummies have an active ingredient known as melatonin. If your dog ate zzzquil gummies, you should search for the effects of melatonin on his health. Zzzquil gummies with melatonin are for inducing sleep, and you shouldn’t allow your puppy to eat them. although, with the vet’s prescription, you can give your pup zzzquil gummies. Melatonin is for treating allergies for dogs with specific weight requirements. For example, if your puppy is between 10 and 25 pounds, the medication won’t harm him; that’s if he ate not more than 25mgs. 

Understanding all these seems tricky, but you’ll know more with the simplified information in this article. Read along and learn why your puppy shouldn’t eat zzzquil gummies and how to prevent such from happening.

Is Zzzquil Harmful to Your Puppy?

Before you take any step of saving your puppy’s life, check the zzzquil gummies’ composition. If it contains only melatonin, your puppy is safe. However, if it also has xylitol, which manufacturers of these supplements use as a sweetener, he’ll be in danger. Xylitol is toxic and can harm your puppy if he ate zzzquil gummies containing it. Xylitol will affect your pup’s sugar level within no time, say thirty minutes.  In this case, you shouldn’t waste time but instead, call the vet. 

Zzzquil gummies with active melatonin is a supplement human being used to induce sleep. When your dog eats these supplements, it won’t harm him if it’s not in large numbers. Remember, melatonin is also one of the hormones in dogs that is responsible for regulating sleep. So, it isn’t toxic; however, when your puppy eats zzzquil gummies in excess, he’ll experience some discomfort. 

Why Would Your Vet Recommend Zzzquil Gummies for Your Puppy?

Your vet may recommend using zzzquil gummies with active melatonin on your dog to help him overcome some situations. For instance, If your hound has hair loss, anxiety, insomnia, or alopecia. It also helps your hound to calm down if he’s been restless. If your puppy has a noise phobia, the vet will advise you to give him zzzquil gummies with melatonin. Another instance where you can provide your pup zzzquil is when you’re about to have celebrations where there’ll be the use of fireworks. It will help him manage his stress level. Or where your puppy has hormonal imbalance as a result of a condition known as Cushing. 

Signs of Your Canine Eating Zzzquil Gummies with Melatonin

After your dog eats zzzquil gummies, he’ll have a stomach upset; his heart rate will increase as he gets itchy all over. Your hound will also have cycle change, and his appetite will reduce. Your puppy may also become nauseous and have loose stool.

Effects of Your Puppy Eating Zzzquil Gummies

If your puppy eats zzzquil gummies with melatonin, he’ll have both health and behavioral issues. In most cases, he’ll show signs that point to him eating zzzquil gummies. Your puppy may become sleepy all through. Zzzquil may also make your dog hyperactive, making it hard for you to control him.

If he overate zzzquil gummies, he’d get diarrhea, vomit, and lose his coordination. Your puppy’s pressure will be high, as well as having seizures.  In this case, you should rush to your vet so that he can get assistance immediately.

What to Do After Your Puppy Eats Zzzquil Gummies

After your pup eats zzzquil, it wise to keep him away from the stairs. The supplement will interfere with his coordination, and he can get injuries if he falls. Suppose he’s nauseous; give him medications that help reduce acid in the stomach like Pepcid. Give him 10mg if he weighs not more than 40 pounds after every 12 hours. Alternatively, you can give your pup Prilosec to help him reduce the acid levels in the stomach.

A bland diet consisting of chicken, white rice, or beef can help him too. Feed him on this diet for about three days; see the vet if there’s no improvement.  


Zzzquil gummies are not toxic, although if your puppy eats it, he’ll have some complications. To prevent him from eating the zzzquil gummies, keep them far away from his reach. Don’t forget to call the vet if his condition seems to get worse.

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