My Dog Came Back from the Kennel Sneezing

Most pup owners take all precautions to ensure that their pets are free from illness. But however much careful they are with their pets, they still exhibit some health concerns that get them worried. One thing that is likely to bother you is when your dog begins to sneeze when he comes out of the kennel. 

Sometimes this may turn out to be health concerns that may get you anxious. This article gives detailed information about what might cause your dog to sneeze when he comes out of the kennel. Whether or not this should be something to get you worried? Home remedies for easing the sneezing and when to see your vet.

Reasons Why Your Dog Sneezes When He Come Back from the Kennel 

Just like human beings, pets are also allergic to certain stuff in the environment. Things like flea bites, dust, and mold in the kennel could cause some allergies to your pet. The most common sign that a dog will exhibit when he is allergic to something is sneezing. So, if you see your dog sneezing when he comes from the kennel, take time to find out what could be the cause. It could be that the kennel is dusty, has some fleas, or has mold that is causing your pet to sneeze.

Should This Be a Concern?

Sneezing among dogs is usually harmless. If it is dust, the moment your pup gets fresh air, the sneezing will disappear on its own.  However, sometimes the sneezing may happen to be too much and more serious, making your pup uncomfortable. In this case, you have every reason to worry, and visiting your nearest vet for professional assistance may be necessary.

Are There Any Home Remedies for Sneezing?

If your dog comes out of the kennel and all of a sudden, he begins to sneeze, first ensure that he gets plenty of fresh air. Doing this will ease the sneezing. Another thing you can do is to gently massage your pet’s throat and lightly blow in his face. This will slowly trigger the swallowing reflex, and the pup will stop sneezing.

Preventive Measures

If you notice that your dog always sneezes whenever he comes out of the kennel, you should take time to examine the condition of the kennel. Ensure that you clean it to clear the dust. Also, get rid of any mold in the kennel. If there are signs of fleas, you can kill them by spraying. Doing this will help keep the kennel clean all the time, and your pup will be free from allergies that cause sneezing.

When to See a Doctor

Though sneezing may not be harmful, sometimes it can turn out to be a serious concern, depending on the cause. If you aren’t sure of the cause of sneezing and it appears grave, you should visit your nearest vet for diagnosis and treatment. It is not a guarantee that your dog may need medication to ease the sneezing. But if the vet determines the cause of sneezing to be an allergic reaction, he may prescribe antihistamines. It helps in treating allergies in dogs.

Other Considerations

Though sneezing may be normal, you need to ensure that your dog is up to date with all the required vaccinations. It helps in boosting the pup’s immune system. If the dog gets all the vaccinations, things like allergies may not affect him too much because the body will be able to fight back.

Also, sneezing may not necessarily symbolize actual sneezing in dogs. Sometimes he may sneeze because of snorting. If you have a healthy pup, it could be a sign of upper airway obstruction. So, when he is in the kennel where there is not enough fresh air, this may accelerate sneezing.  


The same way humans sneeze when exposed to certain things in the environment they are allergic to, so do dogs. So, ensure that you take care of your dog’s environment. You need to keenly observe your pup and get to know things that he is allergic to so that you protect him from them. It is also good to ensure that your dog gets all the necessary vaccines so that his immune system is strong enough to fight things such as allergies.

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