My Dog Came Back From the Kennel With Diarrhea

As much as we love having our furry friends around the house, there are times when circumstances separate us. Now that could be due to some unavoidable circumstances like going to work or traveling abruptly. When that happens, you can’t leave your dog alone in the house. Unless, of course, you are leaving them under someone else’s care. However, if that is not the case, then you have to get them to a shelter.

Even though kennels are ideal for boarding your dog, they are not entirely free from setbacks. And you will realize that when you notice that your dog isn’t acting normally. If it happens to be the case with you at the moment, you should know that it is ordinary. However, that consolation won’t help much unless we follow with giving you a solution to your problem.

In this article, we discuss a situation where your dog comes back from the kennel with diarrhea. We give you some causes for the effect and whether you need to worry. We also give you some solutions based on what experts advise dog owners. So sit back and take notes. Every word is worth your time. Let’s chat.

Should You Sue the Kennel?

It is quite natural for us to always look for someone to blame whenever a mess takes place. And this is one of those messes that call for blame games. However, it would be best if you held your horses. Before you begin to blame the kennel for your misfortune, you should consider some facts.

First of all, most kennels maintain high levels of hygiene. And that is what probably made you leave your dog in that specific kennel. Apart from that, kennels are very careful when it comes to the safety of the dogs. That is why most of them will only take in a hound whose vaccinations are current.

Some will even go the extra mile by rejecting a Rover that has not had injections or even medications for dog illness like flu, rabies, and a host of others. So the problem could be related to something else. In the following paragraphs, we look at some probable causes. Follow on.

Diarrhea Could Be a Response to Stress

We don’t have to dwell so much on the subject of dogs and emotions similar to man. It is a widespread phenomenon that only a new person in this field can be clueless. However, since your hound has changed the environment and encounters completely new smells and scents, there may develop a problem. The probability is high in Rovers who have never had this kennel experience before.

Picture this, suddenly, you are in a new “home,” you meet new and strange dogs, and you have new caregivers. To top it all up, you have a different diet. All this is new to your dear canine. They cannot handle the stress, and therefore, diarrhea results.

East or West Home Is Best

Have you ever had the privilege of visiting a place where you were a total stranger? If you have, how was it? Were you as comfortable as you are when at your home? Well, the honest answer is “no.” Now your canine can also go through the same experience.

They are not at home, eating from the bowl that is theirs. And it’s not their kind of food. Surrounded by such circumstances, your dog can lose his appetite. So when your canine gets home, he’ll probably overeat, and you may be partially responsible because of lots of treats. Remember, you probably missed your Rover too during the time apart, so it’s natural to spoil them. Overeating burdens a dog’s digestive system and therefore causes diarrhea.

Bug in the Hole

Despite taking all safety measures, you can never be too safe. That is the same with your dog. Even after taking them for vaccinations and taking them to the best kennels, they cannot altogether escape bug contamination.

Since some diseases in dogs and the human family can escape the human eye, dogs can transfer sickness to others. These include Influenza, which is common in dogs. Other causes can be due to drinking contaminated water in the kennel.

What You Should Do

Since you will address this issue from cause to effect, it is good to call the boarding. Ask about the general health of your dog, whether any dog was ill or had symptoms like diarrhea. You can also ask about the kind of food they gave your dog. After that, based on the information you have, you can seek professional advice.

Let’s Wrap It Up

Kennels are a great help to many dog owners. However, they differ in principles. But even so, in one way or another, your dog comes down with diarrhea. While it is not strange in dogs, there are triggers. You can call the kennel to make your tracing work easier. Based on your dog’s condition, you should then seek professional help from a vet.

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