My Dog Came from a Puppy Mill

One of the places you can get your pup when looking for a companion pet is at the puppy mill. However, when your dog is from there, be ready to get a differently bred pet since the conditions there aren’t favorable. But once you disembark on the journey with your furry friend, understand that he’s been through a lot, and you should strive to change his experience. Although his journey to recover from the horrible treatment from the mill might be tiresome, you’ll, in the end, be a happy owner. Do you know the areas you should work on to help your puppy from the mill recover? Read on to understand how to help your dog.

Offer Love and Care to Your Puppy

Once you rescue your dog from the puppy mill, the number one thing to do should be to give him unconditional love. Remember, some puppy mills don’t allow parent puppy relations, so yours will be missing that love and care. To other lucky puppies who have their parents, they will be brought up fearfully or aggressively. Be willing to teach your puppy how to love and interact with people since, at the puppy mill, he hardly got to interact with humans positively. Train your pup how to love, play and even hug since they were rare in his previous home.

Take Your Pup to the Vet

Puppies in a puppy mill don’t get the necessary medical care. Once you get yours from there, make it a priority to visit the vet to get vaccinations. But do ask for the vet records to be sure and to know what to do for your hound. If not, let the vet do all the vaccinations by you going for regular checkups. It’s also wise to look at your pup’s skin to determine whether he’s got wounds. Is your puppy coughing? Does he have a breathing problem or difficulty walking? If you notice any of these, do let the vet know so that you help your pup.

Help Your Canine Overcome Behavioral Issues

Given that dogs from puppy mills have little or no social interactions, they tend to have weird behaviors. You will note that your hound isn’t friendly towards you or anyone else, which shouldn’t be the case. To help your puppy overcome this, take him out to exercise and to interact with other dogs. It would help if you also kept him company to help him overcome fear. Another way of changing your aggressive puppy’s behavior is by praising and rewarding him whenever he does something positive. But if your hound’s condition is beyond your help, take him to a therapist to recover fully through professional service.

Help Your Canine Learn How to Maintain Cleanliness

In most cases, dogs from puppy mills are dirty and never get grooming services. Once you get yours home, make it upon you to teach him where to go for short and long calls. Make him learn why he shouldn’t sleep in a dirty place and go to the toilet. Doing this isn’t easy since your pooch was used to being dirty and with no toilets, but be patient and let him learn. It would help if you also work on his grooming which he never had the privilege to receive while at the mill. Wash your puppy regularly and trim his nails. Although it won’t be easy at first, praise and reward your pet to encourage him to maintain cleanliness.

Allow Your Hound to Adjust to the New Life

By bringing your pup from the puppy mill, you should understand that the two environments are and the upbringing is different. For this reason, get your puppy a quiet room where he can learn how to adapt to the new life. Don’t threaten him nor do something that will make him fearful, like moving in a hurry or making noise. Only get him out of his room when he’s comfortable, and don’t force him to do anything.


If your dog came from a puppy mill, ensure you make his new environment safe for him. You can restrict his area of reach and keep away objects he can chew, causing him harm. But remember to be patient since he needs to adjust to everything.