My Dog Came in Contact with a Possum

If you have a puppy, you should be careful with him since anything can harm his life. Doing this can be tricky, especially if you’ll allow him to roam around freely often. But then puppies are hunters by nature, and if you turn away for a moment, he’ll be looking for something to destroy. Some animal your pup can come in contact with while on the go is a possum. If you happen to know this, you’ll freak out owing to the animal’s stature when under attack. You’ll worry a lot thinking that the animal did harm your pup. But are possums harmful? What happens if they come into contact with your dog? Read on to understand this.

Can the Possum Harm Your Puppy?

A Possum is a weird creature who can pretend to be dead for hours. But it also has sharp teeth and claws that can harm your pup’s skin if it attacks back. So, according to the kind of the two had, the danger varies. Suppose the possum was insecure around your puppy; it might try defending itself. But the chances are that it will take time just looking at him before attacking back. However, if your pup just came in contact with the possum and never became wild, he’s safe with no injury.

What Infections Will Your Pup Get for Touching Possum?

If your puppy came into contact with possum’s urine or stool, you should clean him up immediately. Cleaning him will help prevent him from getting bacterial infections like leptospirosis. When your pup gets this infection, he will show flu-like symptoms. And if you don’t give him medications immediately, he can develop serious complications like meningitis, kidney problems, or difficulty breathing. Do wash your pup with gloves on since you can also get the infection. However, if your hound has been vaccinated, you have no cause for alarm since he’ll be safe. 

Another thing your pup can get if he gets closer to a possum is ticks or bed bugs. Because of your puppy’s health, check on these insects, which can suck his blood, making him weak. If possible, spray on him insecticides to kill them.

Did He Kill or Eat the Possum?

Suppose your puppy came in contact with possum and did kill and eat it; you’ll worry a lot. This is because you believe he can get rabies from it. But then this can’t happen. The reason is that the animal’s body temperature is lower than other mammals, so the rabies virus can’t survive there. For your puppy to kill possum, he could be trying to utilize his hunting prowess. If he did kill and never ate it, don’t worry much but be keen to watch out for infections.

How to React if Your Pup Attacks Possum in Your Presence?

Suppose you are on your evening strolls and come across a possum and the unexpected happens first relax. After that, stop your pup from going in its direction if he tries to attack it. Don’t go chasing the possum since you can trigger a fight between the two. If they came into contact, look if your canine has injuries in his body because the possum could attack back to defend itself. When you see any injury on him, don’t waste time before calling the vet to get help. The vet will either clean your puppy’s wounds or give medications to help cure them.

Reducing the Chances of Your Pup Coming Closer with Possum

Possums hardly get out during the night, but you’ll find it loitering around in broad daylight looking for food. Do lock your dog in his room during the day to avoid stressing over such an occurrence. It would help if you also leashed your puppy whenever you’re going out for strolls so that he doesn’t go chasing the animal. But if your puppy did sneak out without you knowing, do warn him. And if possible, punish him so that he doesn’t repeat that.


If possums live in your backyard, don’t chase them away since they’ll help you kill cockroaches, mice, and snakes around the house. However, if you realize that your dog came in contact with it, do clean him up. Remember to go for vaccination regularly to keep your dog from getting infections too.