My Dog Came to Me When I Was Crying

Unlike other animals, dogs have behaviors that surprise their owners a lot. As the dog owner, you will learn interesting things about your dog almost every day. One of the surprising things you can learn about your dog is that he comes to you whenever you are crying or feeling sad. Additionally, your dog may break through barriers to save you from danger. This is something that many dog owners have reported leaving many people wondering whether or not dogs can sense human feelings. Read below to understand why your dog comes to you when you cry and whether he can sense your feelings.

Can Your Dog Read Your Emotions?

It is safe to say that dogs are wiser than most animals. For this reason, dogs can detect when you are happy, sad, and disturbed, among other emotions. This is why your dog will come close to you or even lick you when you are crying. In case your dog does not come close to you when you are crying, it is probably because he is too stressed to move closer. When you are in this situation, your dog tries to do his best to offer comfort. In case you are in danger, he will strive to save you.

What Will Dogs Do When They Sense That You Are Sad?

When your dog sees you crying or realizes that you are sad, he does what any other friend would do; get ways to help you cheer up. Different dogs will show their empathy in different ways. Some of these ways through which a dog shows empathy are such as:

Touching You

As mentioned above, your dog will move closer to you when he realizes that you are sad. He can stretch out his paw and rest it on your lap. The dog can also lick your hand or your face. When doing such things, the dog is trying to communicate that you are not alone.

Giving You Space

When your dog notices that you are sad, he can opt to give you space and spend some time away from you. They move away until they realize that you are in a better mood, which is when they will come to you. In some cases, the dog will give you space because he is highly affected by your low mood.

He Tries to Distract You

When your dog realizes that you are sad, he may try to cheer you up by distracting you. This is through ways such as bringing you one of his toys for you to play with. He perceives that because the toy brings him happiness, it will bring you happiness as well.  

How Does Your Dog Read Your Emotions?

Crying is one way through which your dog can tell you are sad and you need comfort. Other ways through which dogs can detect that you need comfort include:

Your Voice

Like humans, dogs have a part of their brain that detects the emotion accompanying a voice. This means that your dog can identify your emotional state, whether you’re happy or sad, just from your voice. Therefore, if you talk and your voice sounds distressed, your dog moves closer to comfort you.

Facial Expressions

Dogs can tell the difference between a happy and a sad face. Although he may not know what each face means, he understands that there is something different from your usual. In this case, your dog moves closer or does something to try and cheer you up.


The smell is dogs’ supernatural quality. This is why they use the same to detect when you have a problem. For instance, if you are sad because you are unwell, your dog can smell gasses or compounds that your body may release for being unwell and know that there is a problem. 

Body Language

The way you move your head or walk around can communicate to your dog that you are not okay. Additionally, if you are a hyper person who suddenly becomes quiet, he can detect this and move closer to comfort you.


Taking care of a dog is tiring and demanding. Luckily, it pays to take care of the dog since you not only have a pet but a great friend to comfort you in your time of need. However, do not judge your dog if he does not move closer when you are sad since he is probably too stressed that you are sad that he cannot move.  

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