My Dog Didn’t Cry the First Night

If you’re bringing your puppy home for the first time, you should expect him to cry and have sleepless nights. This is because he’s in a new environment with no company. During the night, your pup won’t also have anyone to cuddle up with since he’s far away from his parents. For this reason, he will find it rough adjusting to the new environment. But then, when your puppy comes home for the first time and never cries on the first night, there must be a reason for that. Can you think of any reason why your pup didn’t cry on the first night? Read this informative article to understand more.

Your Puppy Was Secure

For your canine to sleep peacefully on the first night, unlike most puppies, he felt secure. To be safe, it means you did put him in a corner where there’s no commotion making him sleep soundly. Having no destructions to wake him up means he won’t cry. Your pup’s bed could also be comfortable and not isolated, making him not cry on the first night. Did your Dog sleep on the cold floors or outside in his cage where he’s lonely? If not, that could be a reason why he didn’t cry on the first night.

Did You Close the Doors and Put His Crate Next to You?

If you did not close your bedroom door and had your pup’s crate closer, then he was calm because of that. Your puppy felt safe with the two since he knew you could come to his rescue when in danger. If you did give him enough food before bed and made him visit the toilet, too, he couldn’t worry about sleeping next to you with an open door.

Your Puppy Had Company Through the Night

One of the reasons that make a pup cry at night is the lack of a companion. But if you had toys in his bed which he could snuggle with, that could be why he was calm and comfortable. With the toys touching his skin, your puppy did assume that his parents or littermates are around, making him sleep calmly. The toys also kept him busy whenever he woke up, stopping him from crying to get your attention.

If the toy was in the litter before bringing the puppy home, it was also advantageous since he did sniff the smell of his littermates, making him calm down. Suppose you did use the trick of taking his beddings to the litter this could also work for you. This is because he did feel his parents’ presence in it. With that, your puppy will not cry on the first night since he couldn’t tell he’s all alone there.

You Did Use Pheromone

Did you spray pheromone or put on a collar after taking him away from his family? If so, then chances of him crying at night would be minimal. With it, your Dog will be able to stay calm owing to its calming effect. Sometimes you didn’t use the pheromone, but his previous owners saw it wise to give you an easy time. For them, it could be they didn’t want him to disturb you as you travel to your home. Or they understand the first night experience with puppies making them use pheromone.

Your Pup Was Familiar with Your Home

It could be that before you permanently brought your pup home, he could visit. Because of this, he got to familiarize himself with the new house. So, when you finally brought him home, he was not a stranger. The visits did save you a lot and had your puppy feel at home in his new territory. He didn’t see anything strange or scary on his first night as he knew where he’s. But if it’s his first visit and your home resembles the litter he was in, your hound might fail to see the difference, making him not cry.


Most dogs cry on their first night because of fear, pain, or hunger. Others do cry when they want to visit the toilet. However, if your puppy didn’t cry on the first night, count yourself lucky, as many pet owners have horrible first-day experiences. Not crying means your puppy was secure, comfortable, and not hungry.

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