My Dog Didn’t Digest His Food

Digestion in dogs is as essential as it is in human beings. The fact that your dog did not digest his food shows that he is suffering from one of the many digestive problems dogs might have. Your dog is not feeling well. Some of the common signs that may accompany the problem are vomiting and loose stool.

Digestive problems in dogs happen for various reasons, which of course, might make your dog feel unwell. Did your dog consume something different? And if the answer is yes, he might be allergic, intolerant, and the food he consumed can even give him infection; that is why your dog did not digest his food.

Digestive Problems That Your Dog Might Be Experiencing

There are some digestive problems in dogs you should be aware of as a dog parent. You must know things that could make your dog feel sick; or instead not digest his food. Do you want to learn more? Keep on reading.


Diarrhea is a common sickness to a dog, which so many things can cause. When you notice your pet has diarrhea, then it is clear that he isn’t well. Some of the reasons why your dog may diarrhea include; if your dog ingests rotten food, if he’s suffering from infections, if his organs are failing, if he’s allergic to certain ingredients, and when he’s stressed.

Small Intestinal Malabsorption

Malabsorption is a common digestive problem in dogs. It occurs when your dog is not digesting this food or absorbing the minerals and vitamins after digestion.


Colitis is among the common digestive problems that your dog might be experiencing; that is why he is not digesting his food. Whipworms can cause colitis. Again, change of food, trying to ingest something other than food, or even being allergic to some specific types of food can be its cause as well.

Acute Gastroenteritis

It causes inflammation in the intestines, and it occurs when your dog consumes high-fat or rotted food. It can also take place when your dog eats poisonous kinds of stuff or something that irritates him. Again, stress can be another main factor that triggers it.

How Can You Help Your Dog?

After seeing the discomforts in your dog and knowing some of the digestive problems he might be having, then here are some of the few things you can do to help your dog. They are as follows.

Make Sure Your Dog Is Hydrated

Hydration helps even in human beings who have vomiting and diarrhea issues. If your dog is having problems digesting his food, then keeping him hydrated is the best thing to do if you want your dog healthy. Remember, if all of a sudden your dog starts drinking lesser water, then there must be a problem.

Monitor What Your Dog Eats Every Time

Stay on watch, especially when it comes to the diet of your pet. Give him a well-balanced diet as you would give to your baby. Your dog is as important as your baby. So when you monitor what he eats, he won’t have digestive problems because you know exactly what’s good for him and what he shouldn’t consume.

Always Be Supportive

In cases where your dog is showing some signs of illness, support him as much as you can. Don’t stress him up; instead, play with him to show him how much you love and adore him. You can scratch his belly for him to feel relaxed. Remember, trying to keep your pet calm and comfortable at all times is the best way to show him support.

Contact Your Vet

If you feel your dog’s condition is alarming, contact your vet for the way forward. Make sure you inform your vet about all the weird signs you see on your dog. The vet will guide you on what to do, which of course, will make your pet feel better.


Digestive problems in dogs are as sensitive as they might be in human beings. Look after your dog, similar to how you would look after yourself because digestive problems can cause serious harm to your dog. Watch out for the above triggers that may influence your dog not to digest his food.

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