My Dog Didn’t Greet Me Today

Getting home and seeing your dog running towards you to welcome you is a satisfying feeling. It makes you feel good to see that your fur-friend missed you and was waiting for you to get home. This is why it will hurt you a lot if you get home and your dog fails to greet you. You may also realize that your dog fails to greet you when you wake up as usual. Generally, you may think that your dog hates you for not greeting you. However, there are other reasons why your dog may fail to greet you or come to you when you get home, even if he still loves you. Please continue reading to learn more about it.

Why Did Your Dog Not Greet You?

First, do not accuse your dog of hatred if he did not greet and hug you as usual. There are many other reasons why he is not interested in greeting you. For instance, he may be unwell. Being unwell makes him weak, that he did not move closer when you walked in. Therefore, check out for possible signs of the sickness of the dog. Some of the health issues you can check on your dog are whether he has any bowel problems. In case you cannot figure out the problem, contact your veterinarian as soon as possible for a checkup. If your veterinarian rules out any possible health problem, you can then proceed to find out other reasons why your dog didn’t greet you.

Your dog may fail to greet you if he is afraid that something terrible will happen when he greets you. This is especially if you had previously punished him after you got home for something bad that he did. This makes him associate you coming home with punishment, making him fear coming close to you. If you are used to getting home and first punishing your dog, he may stop greeting you or even walk away as soon as you get home.

Another possible reason why your dog did not greet you is that he has changed his preferences. Like humans, dogs change their likes and dislikes as they grow older. Your dog may have learned a more exciting thing to do by the time you get home which is why he did not greet you. Changing his preferences and failing to greet you does not mean that he now hates you. It is even possible that he has found better ways of showing his love for you.

How Can You Encourage Your Dog to Greet You?

If your dog has just stopped greeting you, it is possible to rectify this before it becomes a habit. The best way to encourage your dog to greet you when you get home is by improving your relationship with him. Some of the ways through which you can improve your relationship with your dog are:

Get a Better Arrival Routine

If your home arrival routine scares your dog, you can build a better relationship with him if you change this routine. For instance, try doing something interesting with the dog as soon as you get home. If he loves walking, walk around with him or if he loves playing, play with him when you get home. This way, he will associate your arrival home by doing what he loves, and he will brighten up and rush to greet you when you arrive. Do not give up if he doesn’t love this for the first few days because he will eventually adapt and start loving you.

Lure Him with Gifts

You can lure your dog with gifts when coming home to encourage him to greet you. Walk-in with his favorite cookie or something else that he loves when coming home, and give it to him as soon as you get in. After he adapts to the routine of getting something good when you get home, he will always be the first to come to you when he hears you driving towards home.


If your dog no longer greets you as he used to, confirm whether you may have been too aggressive on him or instilled fear in him. If this is the case, use ways to help restore your friendship and get him to greet you again. However, if he has changed his preferences and is no longer interested in greeting you, do not force him to do it since it will end up causing more harm than good.  

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