My Dog Didn’t Look Pregnant but Had Puppies

Two events add warmth to the human family, which are the same. These are when the mom of the house gives birth to bouncing babies. The father cannot express his joy enough, and neither can the mother. It’s even merrier when you have siblings in the house. And that is because they are always excited to meet their young siblings.

The second event is when your pregnant dog finally delivers beautiful little pups. It gets the attention of every family member. Preparations are often made in advance in anticipation of this event at the right time. However, there are times when it comes as a surprise.

Have you ever had an experience where a friend or neighbor gave birth; Only that before that, they did not show any signs of being expectant? Well, many people have. And it is the case with some dogs too. You never know they are pregnant till the day of delivery. You think they are sick, only for your vet to break the news for you. That can make you uncomfortable.

This article addresses this issue, giving you the reasons behind it and preparing you for the future. Let’s proceed.

You Are Not a Bad Dog Owner

There is no feeling that is as bad as guilt. It will eat you up without even noticing, even though you say otherwise. It’s not strange to feel guilty after such an occurrence. Your busy schedule can fuel it up where you can only see your dog in the evening when you come back home. However, on the other hand, you ought to spend some time with your Rover. If you do so, you may get some glimpses next time. More on that later.

So as early as now, you should know that it’s not your fault. Several factors play a critical role in such cases. Follow on to learn about these factors.

When They Begin to Show

You know pretty well that you do not have in your possession a pregnancy test kit for your dog. For this reason, you should be familiar with the signs of pregnancy. It is essential because your dog will not give you the privilege of visible changes. When they are deep into the pregnancy, it is then that you will be able to detect the physical changes.

According to experts, a bitch will take up to 65 days in pregnancy. However, when they are around 21 days into the pregnancy, you will begin to see some weight gain, among others.

Reading Between the Lines

Since dogs do not give you physical evidence that they are pregnant, you should look at red flags. You may have missed out on the previous pregnancy. But fortunately for you, here we will highlight some signs to help you the next time.

The signs you should expect to see the next time your bitch is pregnant include;

Increase in weight. The pregnancy will add to your Rover’s weight because she has some pups in her. So it’s natural for that to happen. As we said in an earlier segment, this difference in weight is evident after 21 days of conception. Well, how will you accurately count the days? Stay with us to get your answer.

Another common sign is lethargy in dogs. Lethargy is a sign of certain complications in dogs, and pregnancy is one of them too. Here you will notice that your dog, who is always active, suddenly becomes the opposite; inactive. But if your Rover is always inactive, pay attention to the rate at which she gets tired when you walk her.

Also, watch for your dog’s appetite. Just like us, pregnancy alters the dog’s appetite. We use “alter” because it can cause poor or good appetite. However, this change takes place during the first term of pregnancy and probably the second term. Also, expect your dog to vomit during this time, signifying morning sickness.

Our last sign for you is nesting. It is also our dog’s final sign. Here, you will see your Rover make a nest by shredding and pulling her beddings. She will also get irritated and protective.

When to Seek Professional Help

When you see any of the signs highlighted in the previous segment, visit your vet immediately. Let them do an X-ray or ultrasound on your dog to determine the stage of pregnancy. It will help you make the necessary adjustments in the home.

Wrapping It Up

When dogs get pregnant, you do not expect much physical evidence. In some cases, they will show; however, in some, they don’t. So you should know the signs to expect in the future. If you notice any, consult with your vet and make the necessary preparations.