My Dog Didn’t Poop Before Bed

One of the daunting tasks, if you have a pet, is house training. It is easy to have a routine during the day, but at night it might be difficult. One thing you need to do as a pet owner is training him to poop before going to bed. The good thing about pups is that they usually don’t go for nature calls all the time. If you have trained your pup well, he will have a routine of elimination. 

If it is at night before going to bed and he fails to do so, this may get you worried. You will be afraid that he might poop in the house. So, what should you do if your pup doesn’t poop going to sleep? Find out more about this topic here.

Why Your Dog May Refuse to Poop Before Bed

Some dogs are used to pooping on a specific surface. We have those that go for nature call on the grass. So, if you take them on a gravel or pavement surface, they may find it weird. He will feel that it is wrong to poop there. So, if your pup is refusing to poop before bed, maybe the surface you have taken him to eliminate is not the usual one. 

Another thing, just like kids, pups also thrive on routines and orders. So, if your pup refuses to poop before bed, it is because he is not used to doing it. Also, when a dog is anxious or stressed, he may not be able to poop at that specific time you have trained him to. 

Constipation is also another reason why your pup is not pooping before bed. Like human beings, dogs find it hard to go for nature calls if they experience constipation.  So, even if you train him to poop on command, he may not do it because of the constipation problem.

Dogs Are Selective When It Comes to Pooping Spots

Dogs are good at choosing spots when they want to answer the nature call. Most pet owners find it frustrating when their dogs become selective of places to poop. They don’t understand why a dog should refuse to be eliminated at any spot. So, if your pup is refusing to poop before bed, you may have taken him to an unfamiliar spot or surface.

How to Make Your Pup Poop Quickly

Dogs don’t take a long time to poop if properly trained. However, the majority of them usually take time to find a suitable place to eliminate. According to dog experts, the best way of getting your dog to go for a nature call immediately before bed is training him to potty on command. They say it is an excellent way of circumventing the problem of waiting for long or your dog refusing to poop. 

What to Do if You Like Travelling with Your Pup

Trained dogs behave differently from untrained ones. While untrained pups have no problem pooping anywhere, trained dogs are different. They don’t just eliminate anywhere because they are used to routine and specific spots and surfaces for elimination. So, if you prefer traveling with your pup, you may find it frustrating when you take him out to poop before bed, and he refuses, especially if you are in a new place.

So, what should you do? If you know that you like traveling with your pup, you should train him to poop on different surfaces? You can train him to potty on grass as well as on the gravel or pavement. That way, when you travel with him, it will be easy to make him poop anywhere.

Other Considerations

When there is a change of weather, most dogs find it difficult to eliminate. For instance, during the onset of winter, the surface is usually very cold, and this might be off-putting to your pet. The snow on the grass, gravel, or pavement may make him feel that the spot for pooping is wrong. So, when it is time for bed, and you take him out to poop, he may not do so.


Training your dog to poop before bed is very vital. It not only prevents your pup from pooping in the house, but it also makes him feel at ease, and he can have a nice sleep free from interruption. It also enables you to get uninterrupted sleep. You don’t have to wake in the middle of the night to take your pup out to poop or pee.

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