My Dog Didn’t Puke After Hydrogen Peroxide

If you have a puppy, you need to know the basic emergency tips that can help save his life in the unthinkable. Doing this is necessary since puppies love eating and sniffing anything they come around. Hydrogen peroxide is one of the necessities you need at home for such cases. If you give your pup hydrogen peroxide, he should be able to throw up after some minutes and get rid of the chemical or object he did swallow. 

However, if you gave him hydrogen peroxide and didn’t vomit, it will make you panic since that’s not the result you were expecting. What do you do afterward? Did you not give the required amount, or why didn’t he puke? Are some of the questions you’ll ask yourself? Read this informative article to understand all these.  

After How Long Did You Induce Vomiting?

You should be keen on time when administering hydrogen peroxide for it to be effective. It would help if you gave your pup this solution immediately after he ingests the harmful substance. The timing shouldn’t go past two hours since after that, the object will be down past the stomach, making it hard to get out. When the swallowed object is in the stomach, it’s easier for hydrogen peroxide to irritate the stomach, making him vomit. But if it’s in his intestines, your puppy will not vomit. 

What Kind of Substance Did Your Pup Swallow?

Some objects or chemicals can’t come out if you use hydrogen peroxide to induce vomiting. This is because your puppy’s body can absorb some liquids faster, making it hard to get a reaction. If it’s a big object, chances are it can get stuck on his intestines or esophagus, making your pup not vomit. When this happens, don’t waste time before going to the vet since your pup’s life will be in danger. He will also be in pain and distress, which you shouldn’t allow him to go through.

Your Puppy Might Be Having No Food in the Stomach

Suppose your hound was hungry when swallowing the object, then you want him to vomit; it can be hard to do so. With food in his stomach, his digestive tract walls will be safe since there will be no friction as the object is coming out. Also, the food will make the process easy and fast since bubbles from the reaction will open up the way. If you didn’t feed him before inducing vomiting, it could be challenging for him to vomit as the process will be painful. Without food in the stomach, the hydrogen peroxide bubble reaction will not happen. The peroxide might also be reacting to the object he did swallow, making it ineffective, especially if it was a metal. 

Hydrogen Peroxide Could Be Ineffective

Sometimes you might be worrying, and it’s the hydrogen peroxide that is not effective in making your pup not vomit. In this case, your puppy needs a more potent medication to induce vomiting. To get this, contact your vet, who should do the process on your behalf.   

Did Your Puppy Get Active After Giving Him Hydrogen Peroxide?

It’s advisable that after giving your puppy, hydrogen peroxide makes him active to allow it to mix with the food in his stomach. Through being active, the bubbles will foam, making your canine vomit. But if you let him sit down and wait for the process to be active, it may never happen. If he’s in too much pain to walk, shake his stomach to get the mixture work. 

What to Do if Your Puppy Didn’t Vomit After Giving Hydrogen Peroxide

Some puppies take time before getting to vomit after the induction process. If yours didn’t vomit at all, consider readministering the dosage and observe the results. If you feel your puppy’s life is in danger, call the vet to come and rescue him. Alternatively, ask for the vet to look for another way of removing the stuck object if you feel vomiting was ineffective. 


If your canine doesn’t vomit after giving him hydrogen peroxide, contact the vet to know what’s next. First, check the conditions that could make him not vomit and work on them if you can. You can give him a second dose after following the correct procedure. And be keen to know the type of object or substance your pup did swallow before giving hydrogen peroxide. 

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