My Dog Didn’t Recognize Me After Vacation

You’ll have a friend and great company with a puppy; you can go out and play in the fields. Through these interactions, a strong bond grows, and you’ll find it hard to cope without your pup. Your pet will also be lonely most of the time when you’re not around. If you have a puppy, you can go with him to different places you’re comfortable with. 

But then there are places you can’t go with him because of various circumstances. For example, if you’re going on a vacation where you can’t get accommodation facilities for him, he has to remain. Whether it’s a short or long vacation, you expect hugs and a warm welcome from your pup on return. However, if he fails to recognize you after a holiday, there must be a reason. Read on to understand why your puppy didn’t recognize you after vacation.

You Had New Changes on Your Face

Your puppy may fail to recognize you after vacation because you’ve got a different facial appearance. Imagine coming back putting on sunnies with a floppy hat and some fresh tan, something that might be new to him. To him, you’ll be like a stranger he’s never met, making him act cold towards you. And since puppies master their owner’s face recognition, it will be hard for your pup to recognize you in the new state. So, if you come with a covered face, he might fail to remember you.

Did You Change Your Smell?

Naturally, all puppies have a high sense of smell. Meaning your puppy knows how you smell even from a distance. Suppose you went on vacation and changed your perfume he won’t recognize you since that a new strange smell. You might fail to know this and wear a fresh scent on your return, thinking it will not affect anyone. But when you reach home be ready for this surprise.

Your Pup Could Be Having Short Memory

Even puppies have problems remembering what did happen in the past. Most studies on canines show that they have a short memory, making them forget something after two minutes. This is because they don’t have episodic memory, making it difficult for them to remember things of the past. So, if you go on a vacation and come back, don’t have high expectations of your puppy recognizing you. With this condition, it’s challenging for him to identify who you’re, especially after your absence.

Could It Be a Medical Condition?

Sometimes your pup might fail to recognize you after the vacation because of poor health conditions. Maybe he did develop eyesight or nose problems while you were away, making it difficult to identify you. It could also be that your hound has an injury in his brain, leading to memory loss. For your puppy to get either of these problems, it could be he got an accident, or someone did strike him on these spots. If you realize this is the issue, call the vet to help examine the condition and give help.

Your Pup Could Be Having Depression

If you had a close relationship with your pup, your absence means he’ll be lonely. Given that you go on vacations for days, your puppy may have found it tough to survive without you. He might have thought you’re never going to come back and even experienced separation anxiety during that period. Also, being lonely and sad when you’re out for long during your vacation can cause depression. When your puppy is depressed, he might fail to recognize you due to memory loss. Sometimes he might develop a lack of interest in you while you’re away, making him act like he doesn’t identify you. 


If your canine didn’t recognize you after coming from vacation, there must be a reason. But don’t worry; instead, work on making him recognize you by being nice to him with a lot of patience. However, the chances are that your pup remembers you, only that he’s trying to recognize the features he did mark on you. To make your pup recognize you after returning from vacation, don’t change the facial appearance. Also, avoid putting on new scents, which will make him confuse you for a stranger. If it’s because of a medical condition or depression, see the vet to help your puppy. 

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