My Dog Didn’t Sleep with Me Last Night

As a dog owner, it is your wish to spend every available moment with your dog. Unfortunately, you probably don’t have enough time to spend with your dog due to your tight schedule. For this reason, you opt to maximize the time you spend together by sleeping on the same bed. It will, therefore, frustrate you when you realize that your dog no longer wants to sleep with you. Sure, when this happens, you immediately start thinking about what you could have done wrong that made your dog suddenly hate sleeping with you. However, in some cases, there is nothing you did wrong that made him sleep away. Here are some reasons your dog did not sleep with you and what you can do about it.

He Hates Cuddling

Cuddling is one habit that almost all dogs hate. If you cuddle your dog in bed, he is most likely tolerating it. It is possible he failed to sleep in your bed because he cannot tolerate any more cuddling. This could also happen if your bed is small and your bodies touch when you sleep. Your dog may have grown bigger, making the bed too small for both of you, which makes him hate it.

The Room Is Too Loud

Like the smelling sense, the hearing sense for dogs is also higher than that of humans. Additionally, dogs get uncomfortable when they are near high-pitched noises. For this reason, if your dog suddenly does not want to sleep with you, it is probably because of the noise in your room. Neighboring sounds or noises on the road could also make the dog want to look for a better room in the house where he can sleep.

He Is More Independent and with New Preferences

When your dog moves in, he could be scared as he tries to adapt to the new environment. At this time, you are the only one he can trust and feel safe around. This is why he will keep following you even into your bed. The more the dog stays in your house, the more he adapts to the place. With time, he may feel comfortable sleeping elsewhere, even if it is away from you. Additionally, as he grows, his likes and preferences may change. If one of his preferences was to sleep in your bed, this might change, and he starts to enjoy sleeping elsewhere.

He Wants to Protect You

As much as the dog is a member of your family, he is also a great security source in the house. At times, he may feel the need to protect you when you are asleep. Therefore, on such a day, he will not come to bed with you as usual but will instead be at a place where he is protecting you.

Your Dog Has a Health Issue

If your dog has a health issue, it is possible that getting into bed may make him feel uncomfortable. In this case, he may opt to remain on the couch or on the floor to try and feel better. Therefore, look for other signs that your dog is not well, such as coughing or drooling, among others, to determine where all is okay with your fur-friend.

How Can You Encourage Your Dog to Sleep with You Again?

It is sad to realize that your dog no longer wants to be your bedmate. However, as seen above, this does not always mean that your dog no longer loves you. Fortunately, there are several things that you can do to help you win your dog to your bed again. First, know why he did not come to bed with you. If it is because of the loud noise, then do away with the noise. Ensure that your bedroom has a conducive environment for the dog to sleep comfortably. Additionally, make sure that the bedroom is also not too hot to allow the dog to sleep better.

Ensure that your dog is not restricted in the bedroom since this may make him hate sleeping there even more. Restricting him means closing the bedroom door that he cannot go out when he needs to. Remain friendly to him, and this will eventually lure him back to your bed, even if it is for several nights a week.


If your routine is to sleep in bed with your dog, it may frustrate you when he suddenly stops coming to bed with you. However, this should not alarm you since it does not always mean there is a problem with your dog. Do not try to force him into bed since this might negatively affect your relationship and make things worse.   

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