My Dog Died and I Didn’t Cry

When you have a dog, he will not only be your friend, but you’ll treat him like your kid. You’ll find yourself going with him to different places, and at times, he’ll be your only companion. Given that you cherish your puppy, you’ll try by all means to protect him from any danger or harm. But then things happen which can lead to your pup’s death. It could be an accident, sickness, or poisoning. If this happens, it’s normal for you to be sad, lonely and at times feel guilty for not protecting him. However, there’s a high chance of you crying after losing your lovely pooch since controlling emotions can be challenging. If your dog dies and you didn’t cry, you’ll look weird, but then it’s normal, although there must be reasons for that. Read on to understand why you didn’t cry when your pup died.

Your Personality

Some people can’t cry even in the saddest moment ever, and it’s out of their control. If you’re this kind of person, that could be why you never cried when your puppy died. It simply means you’re unique, but nothing is wrong with you. You may feel uncomfortable, but then grieving is never predictable, and not crying was just one way of being sad. It is weird not to cry after the death of your lovely pet, but then your personality can’t allow you. So, you have nothing to worry about it. However, you might fail to cry but will be grieving in various ways. This is because crying is not the only way to show sorrow for everyone.

Your Puppy Was Sick Over a Long period

Suppose your Dog had been sick over a long time; you might have undergone anticipatory grief. It means you did see the agony your dog was going through and saw it wise to let him rest in peace. So, the day he dies, you won’t cry but let him be. You did accept his death even before his due time since he was in pain. It could be that your puppy had a severe accident which only left him in pain with minimal chances of surviving. So, by the time he dies, you’ve lost your senses of loss, making you not cry.

Your Dog’s Death Made You Numb

It could be that when he died, you felt numb and didn’t feel anything which is typical for some people while grieving. The numbness made you not cry or feel anything for your Dog. However, you may feel the pain later when everything cools down. For example, you’ll feel it and even cry when you go to where you buried him. Or suppose someone asks you about your puppy; that’s when you can be emotional and break down. But also, you may fail to grief your hound because of the numbness.

How to Overcome the Guilt of Not Crying After Your Puppy’s Death?

You’ll worry when your dog dies, and you fail to cry, and you may feel guilty over it. Sometimes the thoughts can drive you into depression, something you shouldn’t allow to happen. To be safe, talk to a counselor and explain how you feel about the whole issue. Through that, you’ll get to reduce the guilt you have for not mourning your canine friend. You can also consider joining a grief support group. It’ll help you to understand how different people react to loss and how to overcome that feeling. 

What to Do to Avoid Hurting After His Death

Suppose you realize that you didn’t cry, but deep down, you’re hurting after your dog’s burial; consider holding a memorial service. You can also do something special in his remembrance or open your heart for another puppy. But ensure you give your Dog a decent send-off so that you don’t worsen your guilt. But accept his death to relieve yourself and avoid hurting for long, although it might take you time.


When your puppy dies, don’t expect to react like anybody since everyone responds to grief differently. If you didn’t, cry that is just your way of responding to loss. However, be cautious not to trip into depression or feel guilty because of that. Take heart and talk to someone about it to help you overcome the feeling.

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