My Dog Doesn’t Have Nipples

Among the very many aspects that we humans share with dogs are nipples. Well, you would not know that dogs have nipples until you gave it some thought. Or you may be playing with your Rover rubbing your hands on his thick fur when you discover some unusual soft tissue. What’s that? A nipple. That may come as a shock to many because we ignore our canines’ privacy. We are content with what we see at face value, and that is enough.

Nipples play a significant role in dogs, just like they do in humans, both male and female. Yes, you got that right. Male dogs are also blessed with nipples. So the importance that nipples have on both genders is not thoroughly exhausted. However, since we always make discoveries every decade, science will have a field day with that subject sooner than later.

But what if your hound doesn’t have nipples? That will probably knock you off your seat. Right? In this article, we talk about that subject. Join us as we talk about how nipples are important to pooches. We shall also explain why your Rover may not have nipples and whether it will impact them. It’s quite an uneasy subject, and that’s its beauty. Let’s get our conversation going.

All Hounds Have Nipples

Before we go any further, it’s essential to settle the fact that all canines have nipples. That knowledge will help you reconcile with the fact that we are dealing with a biological abnormality. Nature, in one way or the other, did not do a proper job.

The reason why even males have nipples is quite simple. When the embryo is just beginning to form during the first few weeks, they follow the same natural design. The effects cannot be removed even when the genes responsible for male genitalia take over.

Female dogs need nipples to help them in bringing up future generations. The nipple is a passage for the milk that gives pups immunity, which they do not have during birth. However, male hounds have no use for their nipples.

Let us now consider the possible reasons why your dog has no nipples. Be ready for a surprise as we proceed.

Weirdly Nippled

It is expected that mammary glands should extend from the chest to the abdominal regions. Did you know that this is not a standard position for all dogs? When you think of weird, you might probably think of other sensible locations to no avail.

Dogs can have their nipples on their legs. What? You got that right. The legs are the weird place you can search for them. Let’s find out why and how this can happen. As the placenta develops, nipples follow a particular line. The line is generally from the arms to the feet. It is these lines that will determine the nipples’ location.

Therefore, if you happen to notice some bumps on your canine’s legs, do check the opposite side if the same exists. If so, there you have the nipples since they develop symmetrically. You might find them in other odd places, if not the legs. However, if the bumps are not identical to any other, you can have a vet assess them to rule out any eventuality.


Spaying is the act of surgically removing a female hound’s genital organs. After this encounter, the canine’s nipples will shrink. It is worth noting that the level of shrinkage will vary depending on some factors.

What number of heat cycles has the canine had before the spaying, and what is his age? How do these apply? Here is how. With every heat cycle, hormonal variations occur that affect the mammary glands. At the same time, these glands vary with age.

Every heat cycle results in the enlargement of nipples. At such times, your pooch might be aggressive, as though she has pups. However, after some time, they go back to normal. If she has had several heats, then the shrinkage may not render her nippleless. On the other hand, if she never had heat before the spaying, the shrinking level may be high, making her nippleless.

No Need for Worrying

All dogs have nipples, even male ones. The only difference is that the males have no use for theirs. They are structurally intact but function wise dormant.

Females also have theirs. However, due to the factors already discussed above, she may lack prominent nipples. Because the nipples are not evident, it doesn’t mean that your hound is abnormal. All is perfectly well; hence no cause for alarm.

Wrapping Up

While you may express concerns as to your hound’s lack of nipples, the truth is that he has. They may be located in an unexpected region like the legs. With a closer exploration, you can discover that. If your pooch was spayed, then the nipples might have shrunk. If you have other concerns like asymmetrical lumps on your canine, you can have your vet check him.

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