My Dog Doesn’t Like Me Anymore

It feels sad when your friend suddenly becomes cold and indifferent towards you. You may wonder whether you wronged him or if he has a problem. With our human friends, we can approach them to find out. The case is different with our furry friends.

You will have to discover on your own what makes your dog indifferent to you. As much as you may miss his exciting welcome and all the fun you’ve initially had, for a time, you will have to bear with it. It is even worse if you are the only one he’s not affectionate with.

Several reasons may cause this sudden change in your pet. Let’s explore them, and hopefully, by the time we are through, you will have a satisfactory answer and solution.

State of Health

It is usual for one to be low when under the weather. Your pooch may fail to behave typically due to some internal pain or some discomfort. It is crucial for you as a dog owner to watch him closely for some sign of sickness.

You may notice that he is lethargic, nauseous, or having inconsistent or discolored poop. When you see such, do not hesitate to take him to your vet. The vet will perform the necessary tests and give him the needed treatment.

Stress Due to Major Changes

Have you recently moved to a different location? If yes, this may explain the change in your canine. Environmental changes may stress a dog before he adjusts to it fully. An event that may be similar to this is when you have a new family member. It doesn’t matter if he’s a dog or a human. Before your pet can adjust to his presence, he may be withdrawn for a while.

Change in routine can also be stressful to a dog. It may be an alteration in his mealtimes, failure to take him for walks regularly, or any other habitual activity. Going back to his schedule or formulating a new one may help if you have reasons for discarding the previous one.

Time is also a great and safe alibi. Give your dog some time to adjust to the changes. You can help him adjust by giving him treats and spending more time with him.

A Question of Personality

Like us, canines also have distinct personalities. Maybe your dog enjoys cuddling more than petting. If you regularly pet him, he may choose to avoid you since he hates what you are doing.

Some dogs are also more outgoing than others. Some dogs may cling to their owner when in an unfamiliar environment. However, if their surrounding is familiar and there are strangers, he might freely mingle with them without a problem. He might even avoid you at such times. Understanding your canine’s personality is thus vital.

How You Treat Your Dog

For a puppy, the first six months are his formative years. This period will significantly determine how the dog will relate with you for the rest of his life. If you are harsh to him in the manner you administer discipline to him, he might get cold towards you.

There are other corrective mechanisms you can adopt to ensure you have a healthy and positive relationship. One of such measures is using rewards for positive behaviors. Maybe you stopped doing what he appreciates.

Another factor that comes into play is the dog’s age. As he advances in age, his behavior is likely to change. He might not sustain the activities he enjoyed while young. Once you understand this, you will find other avenues of getting him closer to you even during this phase.

How then can you create and sustain a positive bond with your pet? Let’s get into that since it is crucial to enhance the ties you two have. First, if your pet has no health issues, you may do well to be more patient. Give him time to adjust to whatever he’s going through.

Here are more suggestions for you;

Take Part in the Activities He Loves

Couples get closer to each other more when they set time to take part in shared activities. You can apply the same principle with your dog. Your pooch may love some activities that you hate. Instead of avoiding them, you can modify the pursuit so that you enjoy it together.

You can also play games with the pet, like chasing after a ball. Generally, you can play around with your creativity to find something both of you can do.

Training Through Positive Reinforcement

Instead of reprimanding your dog for inappropriate behavior, you can give him a treat whenever he behaves as trained. Apart from healthy snacks, you can take him for a walk too.

Final Thoughts

Before you conclude your dog doesn’t like you, take some time to know him well. If your vet nullifies the possibility of sickness, you may find the reason for behavioral change in the factors already discussed.

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