My Dog Freezes During Walks

Dogs are man’s companions for longer than we can trace. Throughout all these centuries, dogs have helped the man in numerous ways.

When adopting a dog, there are factors to consider, like breed, gender, environment, and medical conditions. Adopting a dog also comes with challenges training, cleaning, and feeding. Despite all the factors and challenges faced with when a family has a dog, many managed well and liked it.

The purpose of a dog is a man’s life depends on the pet keeper. Traditionally dogs are known to provide defense around the homestead.

However, dogs are not only kept for protection in the modern world. A ranger in the woods may keep dogs for security while children have them for play. Other reasons for having dogs are companions, business, competition, or luxury.

The purpose of a dog in the home highly determines the type or breed of dog to keep. It also determines the gender of a dog to own. Where somebody running a dog nursery may have mixed breeds, a single species is preferred in a house dog.

In the same case, a dog’s business will have both genders, but a parent would prefer only male or female for the child. Where dog training is essential, especially with law enforcement easily trained, dog breeds are chosen.

Having a dog comes with numerous advantages for the individual and the whole family. A child with a pet dog is more likely to learn responsibilities.

The child learns to feed, to walk, and to clean after the dog skills likely to manifest into his/ her personal life. In the same way, a child will also be mentally and physically fit. The child who treats his/her dog well is better at making friends as compared to other loner children.

Benefits of owning a dog

The benefits of dogs are not only to children but also to adults. When taking dogs for a walk, for instance, one can make friends and have physical exercise. Physical exercise improves the body’s immune system, boots blood flow, exercises muscles, and provides a brilliant company.

Choosing a dog as a pet is like choosing a car, just like car dogs come with varying shapes, sizes, colors, and a cost.

Depending on personal choice and taste, one can choose a Bulldog, Bichon Frise, Poodle, Collie, Newfound land, among many other breeds. In most cases, the type of species depends on the family members.

The environment of the home where the dog will be staying for its safety, health, and well being Government on adopting dogs in the country or state and the repercussions. Also, the health conditions of family members like allergic to dog fur or dog food in the house.

The ability of the family to take care of the dog cleaning, feeding, walking, and attending medical check-ups. This can either be by family members or hire somebody to do either or part of it.

Having a dog brings a heartwarming feeling to you and the people around you. The heavenly feeling, however, goes beyond our understanding when the dog is clean and happy. A happy dog can be noticed by many when on a walk or when playing games.

However, this is not always the case as the dog at times freezes on walks. The dog freeze can be described as that time when the dog refuses to go on walks. The dog can pull itself wholly and backward refuses to move.

Other types of dog freeze can be the dog refusing to make any outdoor movements and even when encouraged to. Also, dogs getting more distracted while outdoors. Besides, the dog can also refuse to play games even when outdoors.

The dog, for example, can refuse to play fetch, making you look like an idiot in the park. The habit of dogs bailing on their owners made scientists come up with reasons as to why it happens.

No prior exposure

When a dog has not had any training on walks before the dog or puppy easily freezes. A dog that has not been in the outdoor environment before is exited by the experience. The dog is willing to explore the ground, the new smells, and is all curious about all the new things.

In some dogs, the new environment may be entertaining or enjoyable, but for some, it can be scary. When the dog is scared, it may refuse to go out again or may gaze at something on the road.


Just like humans, dogs can smell a rat, maybe even more than humans. When the dog smells of senses, something that is not right, they may slam their breaks, refusing to walk altogether.

Fear can be brought about by the first instance outdoors. Anxiety could also be from prior experience with other dogs or unfriendly persons.

Undiagnosed pain

Since not most dogs can communicate and indicate the source of their injuries. Dogs with undiagnosed pain may refuse to go outdoors. In cases where the owner is merely home, we may fail to notice when the dog is in pain until walk time.

Unwillingness to leave

Dogs are funny creatures in case the family is taking trips or relocating to a new home; the dog may freeze. The kind of freeze is caused by an attachment to the environment, neighbors, friends, and other dogs.

The dog freezes, refusing to go out or into the care. Scientists argue that the dog could not want to move in the fear that they may never come back.

Uncomfortable gear

Your dog need not worry you incase it freezes on the walk. Adjust the equipment. The collar or the rope could be injuring him/her or causing discomfort.

It is one of the primary reasons dogs tend to stop along the road and enjoy a scratch.

Uncomfortable environment

Some dogs may freeze on walks only because they do not like the environment. Discomfort from car exhausts or the smell of freshly baked bread may be discomforting for some dogs. Where we may love the outdoors, such dogs are not amused by it and are more likely to act stubbornly.

Environmental factors

Just like we are affected by the change in seasons or and weather changes, some dogs may have favorites too. The dogs may be amused by summer and distracted during winter.

Other dogs may not love getting their paws went hence preferring sunny walks to rainy walks. I am not sure if gumboots and raincoats can help, but that is their taste.


Although not very common in dogs, some dogs may prefer some people for walks to others. in some cases, they may also select some routs to others.

The incidence could be due to not liking some people along the path

In conclusion, dogs, unlike any other animal, have maintained being man’s friend over the centuries.

Despite the challenges, whether they freeze or become friends, they remain man’s best companion. No matter how humiliating dog freeze is, the good news is that they all have reasons and remedies.

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