My Dog Hates a Certain Person

One of your worst fears as a dog owner is having a dog that does not relate well with people. An ideal dog to have as a pet is one that is friendly and easy to live with. However, you may get to a point where you realize that although your dog does not hate everyone, he hates some specific people. Dogs quickly judge people’s characters, and they decide who to love and who to hate. When he comes across someone he hates, he might turn and go away or growl when they come close to them. This person could either be a friend who comes to visit you, a stranger on the street, or even one of your family members. If you have realized that there are certain people who your dog hates, worry not since this is common among dogs. Below are some of the reasons why this happens and what you can do about it.

The Person’s Body Language

Dogs use body language to help differentiate between someone they can trust and who they cannot trust. Additionally, some of the body language that humans use to show affection or appreciation are different from dogs. For instance, making eye contact shows that someone is truthful or fully interested. However, when it comes to dogs, they interpret direct eye contact as threatening and rude. Other body languages such as hugs or making other gestures with your arm are signs of danger to dogs. Therefore, somebody keeps making such body language when they are around the dog even though they mean well, the dog may hate them.

The Way Somebody Speaks

In addition to body language, dogs pay attention to the way people speak. Though dogs cannot speak, they pay much attention to detect the tone of a voice. Any reaction that your dog does is based on the tone that you used when talking to them. High-pitched and happy tones are the kind that dogs appreciate. Your dog is likely to make friends with a person who uses such a tone when talking to him. On the other hand, canines ignore or give negative reactions to people who talk in angry and deep voices. Check out the type of voice of the person your dog hates and see whether it is the reason for the hatred.

The Way They Smell

The smell is one of the supernatural powers that dogs have. Dogs use this sense of smell to help gather information about their surroundings. Their sense of smell helps them identify who to love and who to hate. A dog can smell the scent of another dog on somebody, which is a reason to hate them. Additionally, dogs hate the smell of alcohol, vinegar, nail polish, citrus, and certain perfumes. For this reason, if somebody always has such scents that dogs hate, the dog will always growl when they are around.

They Have a Difficult Past

If a dog has been through trauma, it is hard for them to forget such experiences. This is even if he has moved to another home where he is taken good care of. The trauma makes him over-sensitive to strangers since he is afraid that they will harm him. The dog will also stay away from somebody who reminds him of the trauma that he went through. In case he suffered in the hands of a man, he may hate men and feel comfortable when around women and vice-versa.   

What Do You Do When Your Pooch Hates a Certain Person?

It is hard to live with a dog that hates a specific person. This is especially if the dog hates a family member or someone who is always coming to your home. The first way you can solve this is by knowing the trigger or why the dog hates that specific person. If it is because of how they smell or talk, you ask them to change it, especially when they are around a dog, and see whether this works. Additionally, use ways to make your dog feel safe when he is around this person, and he will slowly change his attitude.


It is stressful when your dog hates a specific person since this could eventually make him hurt them. Luckily it is possible to change your dog’s attitude towards the person and make their relationship more comfortable. Meanwhile, avoid leaving your dog with a person he hates since he could think of hurting them, especially if he thinks that the person intends to hurt him.  

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