My Dog Hates Affection

Among all the pets, a dog is considered a man’s best friend. That is why every dog owner likes to see his pet feel good when shown affection. However, this is not usually the case. Sometimes a dog may appear indifferent and may not reciprocate the affection. So, what will make a dog hate affection? And is there a way of making him affectionate? Learn more about this topic here.

Why Will a Dog Hate Affection?

If your dog is adopted, maybe he was not getting proper care and attention in his former home. The owner was either abusing him or not giving him attention. So, your pet could be experiencing issues with trust. He, therefore, develops fear when humans are around him.

Another reason could be that your dog wants some space. Just like humans love their own space, so do dogs. Some hate it when you bother them. So, this could explain why he behaves like that when you go near him or cuddle him.

Signs That Your Dog Hates Affection

If a dog hates affection, he will behave in certain ways, an indication that he doesn’t want you near him. The behavior may vary from one dog to the other. However, the following are common behaviors among dogs that hate affection: 

When you move close to hug or pet him, he will pull away. Also, he may pull his ears back and lick when you are around him. When you notice this, it‘s a sign that he doesn’t want you around him. Another sign you should be aware of is when he avoids eye contact with you all the time and appears tense when you try to approach him.

How Do Dogs Show Affection?

When your dog is fond of your affection, he will behave in a particular manner. If you notice the following behaviors in your dog, just know that he loves you and appreciates the affection you have for him. When you come home, he will run towards you, wag his tail, and lick you. When you are seated, he will lay his head on your foot or rest his head on your lap. Sometimes he may lean against you. All these are his way of showing affection.

How to Get Your Dog to Be Affectionate

For a dog to become affectionate, he must first trust you. So, how do you make him trust you? Strive to be a good friend, and above all, a provider. For a dog to know that you are trustworthy is when you don’t harm or abuse him. You don’t scream at him or discipline him physically. You are able to let him learn his mistakes through positive reinforcement and non-violent corrections.

Another thing, ensure that you pay attention to him every day and throughout the day, whenever you can. Proper and consistent care is crucial if you want to earn your dog’s affection. Feed him well, clean him up, and put him in a clean environment. It would help if you also created time for him. In your busy schedule, spare some time to be with your pet. 

You can occasionally pat and cuddle him. Always engage him in physical exercises like playing and taking a walk with him. You can also find the time and take him to the dogs’ park to interact with other dogs. It helps with mental stimulation. Please don’t make your dog feel like he is a prisoner in a cage. Whatever you do, just ensure that you are interacting with him in a more meaningful manner.

Something Important You Should Know About Dogs and Affection

As you try to make your dog develop affection, you should know that it’s not a quick fix. It takes time for a pet to begin to trust and eventually show affection. So, as you try to help him through this journey, learn to be patient. Consistency and persistence are what will help you achieve this.


Just like a kid in your house, a dog is able to tell if you love him or not. The way to treat him when he is around you matters a lot. So, if you want your pet to be affectionate and reciprocate the affection you have for him, you should work on strengthening the bond between you.

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