My Dog Hates Alexa (the Amazon Assistant)

Alexa, the Amazon Echo device, uses voice recognition to perform various tasks to make your work easier. Some of the procedures that can be done by Alexa include make to-do lists, play music, tell weather and news updates. However, not all your friends will gladly warm up to your virtual assistant. Using Alexa can trigger unusual behavior in your dog. 

Why Do Dogs Hate the Amazon Assistant?

Your dog can have an aversion for Alexa because she is not human. The haterade can develop more if your virtual home assistant and pooch have no communication. Even so, dogs can be afraid of the unknown. To hear voices without seeing the source can be scary for your furry friend. Dogs can be sensitive to sound and often get startled by unnatural or high pitch tones.

What to Expect if Your Dog Hates Alexa

Activating Alexa can spark off a series of reactions in dogs who hate the Amazon assistant.  The echo may cause your dog to pant on and off whenever you command and interact with Alexa.

Some dogs will suddenly run through the house in fear or get agitated and bark. Your dog may be startled to hear sounds coming from an unfamiliar gadget. Even so, it is common for dogs to be afraid of certain remote-controlled or talking toys. 

Fear – The aversion of Alexa can sometimes cause your dog to clam up or get into your bed in extreme panic mode. This uncontrollable behavior is likely to happen when you command your home virtual assistant to turn the lights off. If the situation is not resolved, your dog may continue to follow you around every time you interact with Alexa. 

Barking – Your dog’s dislike for Alexa can cause your puppy to bark uncontrollably when left alone with the Amazon assistant. This can happen when Echo performs tasks that you previously commanded to be done at specific times. Your dog can feel terrified to see things like television or radio get turned on without any human touch. This can trigger uncontrollable barking by your pooch.

What Can You Do When Your Dog Hates Alexa?

It is best to make Alexa puppy friendly, seeing that you need to keep both. The two can spend the day in perfect peace if the Alexa skills for dogs are activated. Some of the commonly used Alexa skills include relaxing my dog and the Furbo dog camera. It can also be helpful to have Alexa call out your puppy’s name.

Relax My Dog 

Sounds and music seem to have the same soothing effects on both humans and dogs. Playing calming music can ease anxiety in your pooch. 

There are times when your dog feels lonely and gets bored when left alone for long hours. Sometimes your dog can start to show unusual behavior to draw your attention when you get home. This behavior can further be triggered by your interaction with Alexa because your dog may feel ignored. However, you can keep your dog entertained and calmed by asking Alexa to play soothing music for your puppy when you are away.  

Furbo Dog Camera

For this Alexa skill to be successful, your puppy is required to have a pet camera. You also will need a Furbo HD treat tossing camera. Once you have installed your hardware, you can activate and ask Alexa to toss a treat at scheduled times throughout the day.

Your furry friend is likely to warm up to Alexa after a few days of being entertained.

Simon Says Command

It is common for most dogs to calm down when identified by their names. You can command Alexa to call your furry friend’s name once in a while. You can also have your home virtual assistant to ask if your pooch wants a treat. It helps your dog calm down and warm up to Alexa if you follow this interaction with a reward.


Alexa, the smart device managed by Amazon, can be an ideal home virtual assistant for you and your dog. However, you need to ensure that your dog is not agitated or scared every time you interact with this Amazon assistant. This can cause your dog to run through the house or show other unusual behavior.

However, you can try some of the Alexa skills that help relax anxious puppies. Even so, it is always in the best interest of your dog to seek professional solutions for an overly anxious dog.

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