10 Tips if Your Dog Hates Being Alone

Change signals

There are several different signals which the dog will pick up on which means being left alone. Some of these include which door is used and where the keys and shoes are kept.

To help relieve the stress of seeing these items, they just simply have to be moved. Their owner can put their coat on fifteen minutes before they ever actually leave.

Distracting the dog as the owner leaves is a great way to make them think of something else. It is just important to make them feel more relieved and safe before leaving them alone.

Downplay goodbyes

The way the owner reacts is just as important when it comes to the dog getting anxious. The owner cannot get emotional when they are telling their dog goodbye.

The dog will pick up on their emotions and start acting out because of it. They should just get a quick goodbye and that is it to make it seem like nothing. They can feel reinforced in their fear if their owner gets upset as well.

The same has to be done when their owner comes home as well. It is important to greet them when the owner gets home, but it should not be a big deal.

Exercise before leaving

A great way to prevent the dog from going crazy when left alone is to exercise them. If they are worn out and then left alone, it will help them sleep the whole time.

If they are sleeping the whole time, they do not have time to realize they are alone. The amount of time it is recommended to exercise them is thirty minutes before being left alone.

Now, taking the dog for a long walk is a great way to wear them out before they are left alone. There are other kinds of ways in which the energy can be worn out of the dog.

Leave the dog alone in the house

A great first step to getting a dog used to being alone is leaving them for small intervals. It can be achieved by leaving them in a room on their own where they cannot see their owner.

Now the first few times need to be done in short amounts of time, such as five to ten seconds. Eventually, over a couple of weeks, the time can be worked up to twenty to thirty minutes.

Create personal space

When the dog is still but a puppy, it is smart to create a space for just them. Now, it can be a crate which is just theirs, or it can be a dog bed or multiple beds.

It is important for the dog to feel like it has a safe and comfortable place of their own. They will turn to the spot when they are left alone for comfort.

Comfort items

There is a wide range of items that can be used to comfort the dog when their owner leaves. It will sound odd to say, but dirty laundry makes for a great item to leave out for the dog.

They will feel relaxed and safe if they can envelop themselves with the scent of their owner. It is wise to remove items that might cause the dog any kind of stress. These items include crates, chokers, chains, and collars if the dog does not like them.

Hiding treats around the house is a great way to make them feel loved. It also helps to keep them busy until their owner comes home. Now, the treats have to be placed where the dog will not trash the house. Music which the dog loves is an excellent way to keep the dog calm until their owner returns.

Do not be gone long

Even after figuring out what helps the dog with separation, it is advised to never be gone too long. A person should never leave their dog alone for more than eight hours.

It means any errands which have to be run need to be broken down into multiple trips. Another option is to have the dog run the errands with their owner or go to work with them.

If the dog’s owner will be gone for a couple of days, a daycare is advised. The owner can also see about having a neighbor or friends stopping in to take care of the dog.


Medicine is one of the last resort items which can be considered to help with separation. These pills are a last resort because they can have side effects that affect the dog.

Plus there is no guarantee the pills will work or continue to work. It is always wise to discuss medicine with the dogs vet if nothing else is working.

Anxiety treatment supplies

There are several kinds of items that can be bought for the dog when their owners are not home. Each of these items is different from each other and offer different types of reassurance.

It is important to figure out which one works best for the dog and the owner.

One of these items that can be gotten is a treat toy, which is a toy which holds treats. The toy entertains the dog because they have to work to get the treats. Another item is a special shirt that fits tight over them, which makes them feel swaddled and safe.


Petcube is a great device for owners to get for their pets. These devices come in two different forms, bites and play, and they help improve the pet’s life. Both Petcubes comes with an app which the owner puts onto their phone.

They can then get on the app and talk to their dogs through the Petcube device. The bites allow the owner to give their dogs treats when they are not home.

The play allows the owner to activate a laser for playing with their dogs. Being able to interact with your dog while not at home reassures them being alone is alright.

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