8 Tips If Your Dog Hates Being Inside

My dog hates being inside!

Have a dog that hates coming into the house? It is rare that a dog doesn’t enjoy the comforts inside of the house, though not unheard of. Some dogs simply have an outdoorsy personality and feel right at home when they are outside. Should you worry? Is this a problem? Is there a resolution? Pet owners want only the best for their pets. They feel their pet is safest inside away from weather elements, wildlife, other animals, etc. Pet owners feel at ease knowing their pets are nearby. So what happens when your pet hates being indoors but loves it outside? Use the following information to help better deal with a dog who enjoys being outside.

Many pet owners become frustrated when it’s time for their dog to come inside but he refuses. It is especially troublesome when there’s a tight schedule and Fido simply won’t cooperate. However difficult it may seem, there is a solution. First, determine why coming in is such a burden to the dog. Maybe he’s enjoying the warm weather or time with an animal friend. Maybe he is scolded when he comes inside or he associates it with crate time. Determine why he dislikes coming inside and then work out a plan based on his cause of dismay.

Temperature Concerns

When your dog is too hot or too cold inside the home, he’ll enjoy being outdoors. Perhaps this is the root of the problem with your dog preferring to be outside. If temperatures inside the home aren’t satisfying, they’d rather be in a space that is. The outdoors is the natural habitat for a dog, after all, so there’s not a lot of surprises that some dogs prefer being outside. Ensure your dog has a comfortable area of the house so that he doesn’t become overheated or too cold! He will enjoy being inside when the temperatures are suitable!

Oh So Boring

Dogs of all ages become bored if they’re sitting inside of the house all day. This is especially true if the dog has no human interaction or toys to entertain him. End his boredom and staying inside may very well be less of a burden fo the dog. How do you stop a dog from being bored when he cannot tell you what is wrong? Simply provide a pet-friendly atmosphere for the pet. Lots of toys and bones welcome a dog. Those things he loves the most in life, after all. He also needs interaction with his owner, so make sure each day has time set aside specifically for pup time.

Let’s Go For a Walk

Make sure your dog gets plenty of exercise. Lon walks around the neighborhood should suffice his appetite for activity. You can benefit from walking your dog since it keeps you heart-healthy and active. Everyone benefits from those daily dog walks. However, active dogs need more than a walk each day. Give them plenty of things to do to keep them entertained. Fetch is a favorite game for pups. Don’t hesitate to get a frisbee or ball and go outside for a fun game!

Take Your Dog Outside

Dogs thrive when they are happy. If being outside makes your pup happy, give him what he wants. As long as severe weather isn’t a threat, leaving your dog outside keeps him happy. Make sure he has a dog house and plenty of freshwater and food. He’ll let you know when he’s ready to come inside.

Let Him Run in the House

Maybe your dog likes being inside but hates the idea of being cooped up inside of a kennel all day. If your dog doesn’t like being indoors, try giving him time to run free inside. If your dog isn’t accustomed to being inside, don’t let him loose unless people are around to monitor him. Some dogs experience anxiety and other issues. You certainly do not want to return home to find furniture ripped and torn in the house a mess. Start slowly giving him a short period of freedom in the home. As he adjusts and behavior improves, add to the amount of free time indoors.

Patience is a Virtue

Give your dog time to acquaint himself with your home. It takes time to adjust, especially for an animal. Patience and time both easel fears and aid in his comfort and trust of your family. Once the dog is comfortable, he may very well enjoy being inside of the home more often. Do not yell at your dog or scorn him when it is time to come inside. You do not want to cause the pet any undue worry or stress! He’ll be less likely to object to coming inside under such circumstances.

Hire a Trainer

Some dogs work well with trainers. When all else fails, perhaps calling in the expertise of a trainer is in order. A dog trainer has the right strategies to coax your dog indoors. He can also help ease his anxiety and fear if that concern is a part of his issue with being indoors. Costs to hire a dog trainer vary. Research the dog trainers in your area to find a provider offering services that fit within your price range. Most pet owners agree that the costs of hiring a trainer are reasonable.

Love You Dog

No matter where your dog prefers to hang out, give him lots of love and attention. It is true what they say: dogs are man’s best friend. He loves you and looks to you for love back. Keep him safe and healthy and give him time to enjoy his pup life to the fullest. Because at the end of the day, nothing else really matters. Dogs are certainly a welcomed addition to any family composition!

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