Help, My Dog Hates My Boyfriend!

You started a love affair with your dog from day one. You and your dog have a bond stronger than super-glue. Yes, it’s a strong one.

Everywhere you go, the dog is right there alongside. When people see you out and about they always say, “there goes (insert your name) and (insert dog’s name).” You two are the peanut butter and jelly of the dog/dog owner world.

When you and the dog take a trip to the dog park there are two owners both showing off their pets. You are showing the world your dog, and the dog is showing the world’s greatest owner! Then, one day everything changes.

When you least expect it, you suddenly have another male trying to get your attention. And he is neither furry nor four-legged. My dear girl, you have a boyfriend!

You are ecstatic over the guy. And your dog wants him dead.

Now, before I go any further, let me explain something. I am the father of an only child. My DAUGHTER went through a similar situation. Her second year in college I got her a dog for protection. Their bond was immediate and strong.

When she introduced her ‘husband to be’ to the dog for the first time, there were issues. Being a concerned daddy, I immediately responded. “Princess, the dog is just telling you what I’ve been saying for months. He is not the ONE for you.”

Needless to say, she kept the dog, married the guy, and gave me the cold shoulder. Just had to mention it.

But for the sake of today’s article let’s look into the issue of your dog-hating on the new boyfriend and what to do. Or, not to do as with my case.

The girl is mine!

Chances are, you or someone else (daddy) got you your dog for a reason. And so far the whole dog-protecting-me (daughter) is going as planned. So when you decide you need to introduce Mr. Right to the dog, don’t expect sunshine and lollipops.

There is a fine line…no a very broad line you have just overstepped. It involves somebody other than the dog…and you. The dog is simply stating the obvious. The girl is mine, and I will rip your arm off if you get close!

The dog is doing what you wanted him to do. Destroy all threats to daddy’s little girl! I will now stop with daddy references.

First contact

The term ‘first contact’ is usually used in sci-fi productions. It refers to a human making ‘first contact’ with an alien. The present situation could not be more identical. Your boyfriend is an alien to the dog.

It’s going to take a bit of time, but Captain Kirk (your dog) always scores the victory when dealing with aliens. And the aliens usually find some common ground with Kirk. No more Star Trek references.

Controlled meeting

It might be a good idea to meet the said boyfriend on neutral ground. The dog park would be ideal.

If at all possible, tell the ‘new guy’ to meet you in the park at a predetermined spot. When a dog and man come in contact the dog may just take to the guy because of the atmosphere. Lots of people, lots of dogs, all having fun.

It would also be great if ‘new-guy’ went around beforehand and interacted with a few dogs to get dog smell on him. Your dog will smell the other dogs and hopefully decide, “Hey, the dude ain’t all bad, he smells like a dog!” Problem solved, cue the credits!

If not, the work continues.

Tell Mr. Right to bring another dog with him

And then there were four. If your dog just isn’t talking to your boyfriend the way you want him to, there may be a reason.

You already know the guy is okay, otherwise, he wouldn’t be in your life, right? The dog could be reacting to the situation rather than the person.

It might just be your dog’s way of telling you, “If you can have the guy, why can’t I have a friend too?”

After all, when the boyfriend is around, are you still paying all of your attention to your dog? Thought so. Just do a bit of research.

If your dog already has a good ‘dog friend’ see if the boyfriend can borrow it for his next visit. The initial shock of seeing his other best friend with your new friend could be very beneficial.

Or, if the boyfriend has his own dog, now may be the time for proper dog intro’s.

Exhaust your dog

When you are expecting the boyfriend to come over, say around 7-ish, present to him a very tired dog. Play with the dog all day in preparation. Fetch, run, catch the frisbee, whatever you can do to totally wear your dog out.

A tired dog is less likely to want the guy dead. When the boyfriend shows up, have him enter very quietly and simply sit down next to the pooped pooch. He may be just tired enough not to care. The dog, not the boyfriend!

Getting the new scent

If you are still having problems, try a new tactic. Have your boyfriend leave one of his shirts or anything which has his scent.

Make sure the dog is aware of the scented object and begin offering plenty of treats when he responds accordingly. If the dog still shows aggression toward the scent, then you respond accordingly.

You are willing to do whatever it takes to make your relationship work. The same goes for the dog as well.


So, what have we learned? We have learned the Star Fleet Admiral (daddy) wants Captain Kirk (dog) to destroy the alien (boyfriend). Sorry had to do just one more!

There is always a way to integrate. Integrate the important people in your life into the relationship you have with your dog.

Patients, consistency, and treats. And when you end up marrying the guy, give daddy lots of love instead of the ‘cold shoulder!’

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