My Dog Hates Clothes

A dog wearing clothes is a cute sight for any person. You can easily melt the heart of anyone who can see a dog in the cutest and most adorable clothes imaginable.

At the same time, clothes on a dog have a practical purpose to them especially when you consider how it can help them stay warm during the winter season.

That said, dogs are not always very receptive when it comes to wearing clothes. There are simply dogs that find it irritating and annoying to have clothes on because this is not something that is natural to them.

As such, it may not come as a surprise that your dog hates wearing the cute doggy clothes you bought for him.

If that is the case, here are some tips that will help make your dog more receptive to wearing clothes:

Choose the right kind of clothes for your dog

Choosing good clothes is the very first step to take if you want your dog to actually get used to wearing clothes. Start off by making sure you choose clothes that are pretty easy to put on. So that you will not have a hard time trying to make your dog love his clothes.

Clothes that are simple enough such as those that can be fastened around the dog without the need for you to get it over his head are the best.

Go for the ones that are sleeveless. So that it will be easier for you to put it on the dog. Such clothes tend to be the best if you are still training your dog to learn how to like wearing clothes.

However, if you really want to go as simple as possible, go for a bandana that you can just simply wrap around the dog’s neck.

Avoid going for clothes that are difficult for you to put on your dog

The types of clothes that you should avoid are the ones that require you to put your dog’s head through them.

As much as possible, avoid clothes that cover the dog almost entirely because dogs are not used to having their bodies covered all over.

This can potentially cause panic in your dog and make him hate wearing clothes entirely because of the trauma caused by wearing them. As such, avoid anything that seems to confine and start with something that is as simple as possible. Also, make sure that whatever clothes you buy to fit your dog really well.

If the dog’s clothes are too tight, it may make your dog feel constricted and it might cause some sort of panic. Instead, it might be better for you to go for clothes that are a bit lose to make sure that there is still enough room for your dog to feel free.

Start as early as possible

When we say that you should start training your dog to wear clothes as early as possible, we mean it. If you got your dog as a puppy, wait until he is old enough to walk and move around without any sort of difficulty. By then, it might be okay for you to have it wear clothes.

Younger dogs tend to be more receptive to wearing clothes because they are still open to exploring new things. Meanwhile, the older the dog gets, the more it will be afraid of things that he is not used to. That is why you should try to make sure that you train your dog to wear clothes while he is still a puppy.

If you got your dog as an adult, it might be a bit more difficult to train him but it is not impossible to do so.

Let your dog investigate the clothes

Dogs sniff things that they are not accustomed to try to determine if these things are a threat to them. As such, before you even try to train your dog to wear clothes, let him investigate the clothes by allowing him to sniff it.

When your dog is done examining his clothes, encourage the act by giving him a treat. Do this repeatedly so that your dog will understand that showing interest in his clothes is an act that will get him rewarded. He will begin to associate his clothes with treats.

Put the clothes on slowly and steadily

When your dog is already comfortable with his clothes, try putting them on him. Again, go for clothes that are actually simple to put on so that it will be easier for you to train your dog to wear them.

While you are in the act of putting the clothes on, encourage your dog with praises. However, if you notice that your dog is showing some sort of anxiety while you are putting the clothes on, try again later to avoid associating the clothes with bad memories.

Distract the dog while putting the clothes on

If you want to shift the dog’s attention away from the clothes, try distracting him with a toy while you are putting his clothes on.

This will make him forget that he is actually getting his clothes put on him while he is too busy playing with his toy. Something as simple as this will prevent him from associating his clothes with a bad experience. Since he was having fun while you were putting the clothes on.

Slowly and gradually let your dog get used to his clothes

After putting the clothes on your dog without any sort of problem, try to get him used to have clothes on his body. However, make sure to do so in a slow and gradual manner. That means that you may want to start off with a few minutes a day before you remove the clothes.

After this, always remember to make sure to give your dog a treat for his good behavior. The next day and the succeeding days, increase the minutes gradually so that your dog will realize that wearing clothes is not as uncomfortable as he originally thought it was.

It will eventually come to a point where he will be more open to having clothes on his body.

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