My Dog Hates Collars

Are you worried that your dog hates collars? Well, you need to know that they are not being born with collars, so they might feel irritated when they wear them. Your dog might show hatred for collars when he bites and scratches the collars or refuses to walk while wearing collars. But, if you prefer your dog wearing a collar, then there are certain things you need to learn about collars.

Importance of Wearing Collars to Your Dog

You need to know why it is essential to wear collars for your dog. Afterward, you will know how to help your dog love collars, and maybe eventually, he will get used to the fact that collars are important in some areas of his life. Keep reading to find out the importance of wearing collars to your dog.

For Identification

Having collars on your dog’s neck helps to identify which family he belongs to. You can write some valuable information in the collars, like the location your dog comes from, his names, or buy your dog’s favorite color.

For Safety Purposes

Dogs can get lost or can be stolen. It would be best to introduce collars to your dog while still young to get used to it. You can decide to walk with your dog in the streets, but they can get lost easily without the collars. Collars will help you have the confidence of walking with him around the streets; freely.

Reasons Why Your Dog Hates Collars

Your dog might have his reasons why he hates collars. You need to know why he does that; it will help you know how to help him. Keep reading to know more.

The Type of Collars You Tie on Your Dog’s Neck

The type of collars you wear to your dog matters a lot. It determines if your dog likes the collars or not. Maybe you are wearing the wrong collar on your dog’s neck; that’s why he hates it. Check on your dog’s favorite color, the size which will not cause discomfort on your dog’s neck. Don’t buy a collar that will be too tight on your dog’s neck. Instead, buy a collar that will make him feel at ease when he wears it.

How to Teach Your Dog to Get Used to His Collar

Realizing that your dog hates collars is a significant step. Now, you need to know how to teach your dog to get used to wearing collars, as you have seen the importance of him having a collar.

Find the Right Collar

Finding the right collar for your dog is a major factor that will determine if he likes the collar or not. Getting the right collars means you have to consider what your dog likes, i.e., his favorite color, and if the collar you are bought does not choke him.

Use the Collar as the Reward Tool

As a result of showing appreciation and gratitude to your dog, make the collars the reward tool. If your dog does something good, give him a nice collar that fits him properly, with his favorite color on it. He will love it day by day when you gift him with collars, and eventually, he will start to get used to the collar, and your dog can even stay the whole day with a collar on his body.

Train Your Dog the Importance of Having Collars

Your dog should know how it is vital for him to put on the collars. It would help if you let your dog know that the collar will make him part of the family and for security purposes. Again, it is essential to let him know that having collars in his body will definitely make him look beautiful. Pets need to look cute, too, just like human beings.


With all that, it is essential that you, as a dog parent, know and understand the purpose and reason why your dog should put on his collar and how the collars make him feel. Remember, their happiness should be your top priority. So, your pet needs to remain happy, safe, and healthy. Remember, if you want your dog to love the collars, don’t chase him whenever he does not feel like wearing them; give him time to adapt.

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