My Dog Hates Cuddling

Most people like to cuddle dogs, especially those with large breeds. They find such animals to have a sense of security and safety. Also, having their pet sit or sleep near them makes them feel good. In return, these pet owners like cuddling their pups whenever they come close to them.

However, do you know that dogs have a different level of affection? Some happen to be friendlier than others. So, you find that others may like cuddling, while others may not. So, what could be the reason? Is it a behavior or something else? Find out more about this by reading this entire post.

Why Your Dog Hates Cuddling

If your dog hates cuddling, the following could explain the behavior: Previous abuse could be the reason why your pup is behaving that way. If your dog is adopted, you need to find out his experience with the previous owner. Was he abusing or mishandling him? If this happens to be the case, the dog is having mistrust issues. He could be terrified of human beings.

Another reason could be pain or illness. If a pup is sick, he will become indifferent. Also, if your dog is older, he could have developed arthritis, and so cuddling may be increasing the pain. On the other hand, an athletic dog who’s dealing with sprains and strains might feel uncomfortable when you cuddle him.

If you are rough when cuddling your dog, he will resist. Cuddling should be an enjoyable experience for dogs. If you make the activity uncomfortable and stressful, he will hate it. So, in other words, cuddling should be gentle and something exciting and calming to the dog.

Signs That Your Dog Despises Cuddling

A dog that hates cuddling will exhibit the dislike in the following ways; He will walk away if you reach out to cuddle him. He will also lean away and may lick her lips when you try to cuddle him. In other cases, he will avoid eye contact with you and distance himself from you so that you don’t touch him. Some dogs may lick you when they don’t want to cuddle. However, most pet owners misread this sign and mistake it to be an affectionate gesture.

How Do You Make a Dog Love Cuddling?

To make your dog love cuddling, ensure that you strengthen the bond and earn his trust. Canines can become affectionate if you take proper care of them and pay attention. In other words, you need to be a good provider, available, and attentive. You can easily win your pup’s affection by doing these three things.

Also, ask yourself, are you gentle or rough when cuddling? If you are, maybe the dog does not like the sensation. Also, at what time do you do the cuddling? When your pup is feeding, playing, or when taking a nap? Note that dogs hate interruptions. So, you should find the appropriate times to cuddle your canine. You can try doing this when after feeding, going potty, or playing.

You should be aware that a dog will like or hate cuddling depending on where you are touching. There are places that a dog may not like when you touch. So, it would help if you took the time to understand your dog. Please take note of the places where he likes you cuddle and no go zone places.

What Is the Right Time to Contact Your Vet?

It can happen that even after trying all the tricks, nothing may work. If this happens, you should consider seeking help from a vet expert. He will examine your pup and be able to determine he has a health problem. In case of any sickness or injury, he will give proper treatment to manage the injuries or pain.

What You Need to Understand About Dogs and Cuddling

Believe it or not, dog-hating cuddling sometimes is just a trait. Just like human beings, dogs also have personalities. Some dogs are born that way. They just happen to hate cuddling because they don’t like the act. So, if you have such a dog, there isn’t much you can do about it. You should instead find out other things that interest him.


Generally, there are many things you need to understand about your pup as far as cuddling is concerned. Once you grasp what’s required, you will be able to train him to enjoy cuddling. The above information should give you tips to know how to handle a dog with this behavior.

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