My Dog Hates Dog Beds

If you bought a dog bed and your pup doesn’t like it, first, find a way to reuse or repurpose it. We’re glad you asked for help because we have a few ideas.

If your dog doesn’t like the dog bed you selected, there are plenty of alternatives that might suit your dog’s needs. Below, here is a list of what to do:

Don’t fret

If your dog does not like the dog bed that you provide, remain calm, and be glad that you knew how to see it as something that you could make better. You can take a moment to breathe deep. You can find a way to get something that your dog might feel more comfortable with.

Dogs can be very specific with their preferences and those variables are as such depending on the dog breed or the dog’s personal experience. Each dog will grow from a different sleeping experience, so the pup might simply need something different.

Get a dog pillow

If your dog does not fancy the dog bed you selected for him, think about getting a dog pillow. Dog pillows are sometimes called dog beds.

Dog beds usually have a raised border around the edge. This is intended to create a small enclosure so that the dog feels that he is cuddled into his own space.

Since your pup does not fancy this kind of dog bed, a dog pillow might be the answer.

A dog pillow lays with no raised bumper on the edges. The pup of your life will have the space to lay out flat without being confined to a particular space.

These pillows might suit your pup’s needs because he can lay part of his or her body on the pillow and leave the other to the cool floor.

The pup might just want to get comfortable with a raised head or warm up to the side of it. A dog pillow could be the answer for your particular dog.

Try a couch

If your dog does not like the bed that you provide for him, maybe you could show your pup a specific place where they can lay his head at night. If you don’t want your pup on your couch, think about a little dog couch.

There are plenty of dog couches on the market so that you can select something wherein your pet can feel comfortable with a soft place to lay.

Check out couches that look like a smaller version of the couch you already own. This way, your dog will feel like they have their own couch and sleep with a sense of calm belonging.

Alternatively, you can get a special fabric and add a pop of color to your current interior decor. To help with the lifetime of your purchase, think about selecting a blanket to lay over the dog sofa. This will add a layer of washable protection.

You might also update the couch with seasonal decor, so check out the many options available for purchase online.

Get a custom dog house

There are so many beautifully designed dog houses on the market. Some are dog houses that have a roof and a solid floor. Some dog houses are made for indoor use. Whichever design you choose, it is important to think about what exactly it is that your dog doesn’t fancy.

When you gather why your dog doesn’t like your bed, you can use that knowledge to select which custom dog house might work best for you.

Do some research on the warranty of your purchase so that you know what variables to look for in your dog’s new special place.

You might lay down a bed sheet or soft blanket over the couch and let the dog try it out for a few days. Look at the fine print before your purchase and see if your dog can try it out before you decide to keep it forever.

Think about a folded blanket

If your pup isn’t into a dog bed, try out a folded blanket. A human bed might not be so comfortable for your dog because it is not his own.

A dog bed might be the pup’s first choice. The pup might simply be particular about where he lays his head.

If you specify a blanket for your dog to lay on, you might find that folding this blanket and laying it down in the same place every night, might help your pup rest with a little bit more comfort.

Try a dog t-shirt

Sometimes a dog just wants to feel swaddled and the open space of a human bed might not cut it. Think about getting a thunder shirt so that your dog will feel safe and secure when it’s time to catch some z’s. You can use an old short and create your own if you like.

We recommend a thunder shirt. They come in all sizes and they are created for your pooch to help your dog feel safe and sound.

Make a dog fort

With a few chairs and a little imagination, you can create a special place that your dog might prefer.

Take a look at the dog bed that they don’t want anymore. How might you take it apart to repurpose it so as to make a fort? You might change out the blankets or build a structure with wood from your local hardware store.

Search online for ideas on how to use your furniture to make a dog fort. There are so very many creative ways to build an alternative to your current dog bed.

It might be a good idea to jot down a few things that inspire you and sketch out what you want to do first.

We hope we inspired a few solutions so that you can move forward and find a new sleeping place for your dog. Have so much fun shopping around for the right fit for your home.

For more information about dogs and what they prefer, we invite you to take a look at a few of our other ideas!


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