10 Tips if Your Dog Hates Dog Food

Food is fuel for life

Food is an essential part of life for your dog. He must eat food in order to survive and have a long healthy life. Therefore, it is crucial that you find the perfect dog food that your furry friend will readily eat and enjoy. It is also important for you to be feeding your dog a nutritionally complete diet.

There are countless dog foods out there that may taste good but have little nutritional value. If your dog hates eating their food you will need to find alternative dog food for him.

Finding the perfect food may be a larger process than you originally thought. However, it is important that he has food that he enjoys eating, and that keeps him healthy.

Try out different brands

When it comes to dog food, there are countless brands available on the market. Therefore, you should be searching for foods that are highly palatable and offer a high nutritional value for your dog.

There are many dry foods as well as wet food options for your canine to test out. Most of the food choices come in all different flavors as well as size.

Depending on the size, age, and breed of your dog, you may need to get specific food. There is food made specifically for small dogs, medium dogs, large dogs, puppies, and even seniors.

Wet food versus dry food

If your dog does not enjoy dry food it may be worth trying to offer him a wet food option. There are any wet food options that are extremely palatable to dogs. He also may just enjoy eating wet food versus the dry food.

Wet food does tend to be tastier as well as easier for dogs to consume. Additionally, it could be a good idea to get your dog in to see your local veterinarian. A quick visit can ensure there are no major teeth issues causing your dog to not want to eat.

Also, you should ask your veterinarian for recommendations on the best-wet dog foods. They will be able to help you find the most nutritional food options.

Try adding water

This tip may sound a little abnormal; however, it can make a big difference. Begin by adding a small amount of water the next time you get ready to offer food to your dog.

You can always start out by making the food extra moist. If he decides to eat the food like this; perfect. Allow him to eat the mush mixture a couple of times.

Next, you will want to begin to slowly lessen the amount of water you add to the food. Over time you will want to decrease the amount of water until he is eating the dry dog food normally.

Try hiding treats in his food dish

If you find that your dog is still having a difficult time after you may need to up your game. A good tip is to try and find delicious treats to hide inside of his food.

You do not want to add too many treats into the dish with his food. However, by adding a few treats you will encourage him to forage around his food dish. Hopefully, he will begin eating the treats as well as dog food.

Only feed at certain times

Having a picky eater on your hands or just not interested in food can cause a great deal of frustration. Although, slightly abnormal a picky dog can cause a lot of stress. Begin limiting the time frames that you offer food to your dog.

By designating time frames, your dog will quickly understand the new rules. If he wants to eat he must consume his food at those specific times you have set. Place your dog’s full food bowl down and allow him to eat for a period of time.

If he does not eat and you remove the food you communicate to him that mealtime is over. He will now have to wait until the next meal to get food.

Add more physical activity

You may also want to try and add more physical activity to your dogs’ daily routine. By enticing him to burn off extra energy you will be able to increase his appetite.

He will quickly understand how much he needs food in order to continue to get outside and burn energy. Plus, he will be able to have a lot of fun and explore outdoors!

Make mealtime a game

Whatever methods you decide to use always try and make mealtime fun. By turning it into a game your dog may be more engaged. This tip also may help him eat more food and possibly faster.

Try eliminating other foods

It may be tricky to stop feeding food scraps to your pup if you are used to spoiling him. However, by eliminating the extra food scraps you have been providing to him, it could result in making him hungrier.

If he no longer has the leftover food to look forward too he will eventually become hungry. His hunger will hopefully encourage him to eat his own food.

The same goes for extra treats. You will want to cut back on offering extra treats. Except for if you are offering the treats at mealtime to help get your dog to eat his regular food.

Food should be for nutrition and taste

At the end of the day, your dog will realize when he can no longer function without food. He will break down eventually and eat the food that you provide to him.

However, your dog should not have to settle for food that he does not particularly enjoy. It is important to find a dog food that offers a great taste as well as nutrition to your dog.

Be sure to test out all of these different tips and tricks. By exhausting all methods you are sure to find what works for your dog. Now is the time to get creative in order to get him eating his food to survive.

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