6 Tips if Your Dog Hates Doors

Having a dog at home can be exciting because of the loyalty which dogs come with. Dogs bring some level of comfort into any pet parent’s home. I presume such a feeling is what you get to experience with your fur baby.

The challenge however arises when your dog hates some parts of your home like his pet door. Therefore you will experience disappointment. Issues with dogs hating using their pet doors are not new hence your dog is not the only one who hates doors.

Getting your dog to use his pet doors is possible however you require a high level of patience. Sometime you will have to wait for weeks or even a month.

The good news for you however is, finally, he will get there. If you are looking for help, you are in the right place. Here is what you should do.

Train your dog on how to use his pet door

If your dog hates doors the number one trick has always been training your dog. If you are dealing with a quick learner, you can do the training without any help. You can get to know how fast your dog learns through his past pieces of training.

Get your dog and position him outside the door as you stay on the inside. Such a position comes in handy because the idea is to most importantly get your dog to come inside. If you are not at home, for example, your dog can easily go in and out of the house with ease.

Once you have taken the correct position, you can now encourage your dog to pass through the door by saying a command like “come”. You will realize your dog might pass his front legs through the door but have his hind legs outside. Take the opportunity to encourage him until he can pass through the door.

Check the status of the door

A steep step at the door might hinder your dog from passing through. Therefore ensure you check your door and ensure the step is comfortable enough for your dog. Big dogs might pass with ease even if the step is steep whereas smaller dogs might have some level of difficulty.

Generally have a pet door that can comfortably accommodate your dog. Also, you should look at the status of the door. Maybe the door is not built in a way that allows your dog to pass with ease. It the door has some rough ends which get to scratch your dog, he will hate going through the door.

Make a call to a pet door repair service and ensure your dog’s door is in a good state. If the state of the door was the main cause behind your dog’s hate for doors.

You will realize after repair he will pass through with ease. Also if the pet door makes a screeching noise, the same might be disturbing to your dog. Ensure every little bit of possible inhibiting factors in the door are dealt with.

Don’t force the dog to go through the door

One mistake you can make the moment you realize your dog hates doors is to force him through the door. Never attempt to force your dog through the door unless he is under an attack and you have to get him through as fast.

When you force your dog through the door he will always be anxious about the whole experience. Dogs love when at times they are left to make decisions on their own. In worst-case scenarios instead of forcing him to get through the door, try to lure him.

Lure your dog with some treats

If you are looking to know a dog’s weakness, give him some treats. Stay on the inside part of the door and hold some snacks or his favorite ball in your hand. Give the command ‘come’ and show him the treat.

If hesitates to come keep encouraging him and eventually your dog will pass through. Give him some treats and congratulate him. Now alternate and go to the outside part of the house, still with the treats lure him to pass through the door.

With time your dog will associate going through the door with good deeds which deserve a reward. Keep training him for some time until he can pass through the door with ease.

Now you can withdraw the treats and let him voluntarily pass through the door.

Seek the help of a dog trainer

Sometimes your dog might be so stubborn to the extent you can’t do the training alone. If such is your situation you might require some help. Dog trainers will always help you train your dog on how to use a door.

As much as you might spend some money on the training fees, always focus more on the long-term results. Trainers know the various tactics which work for dogs hence helping your dog to learn fast.

Most trainers might require you to be present during the session so as you can learn a few tactics. However, if you are a very busy person, the trainer can always train your dog even in your absence.

Use electronic pet doors

Most people with electronic doors usually have an easy time when training their dogs on how to use doors. With a chip put on the collar of the dog, your dog will realize every time he approaches the door gets to open.

The dog will grow to associate approaching the door with opening. Also, with an electronic pet door, you can use treats. Place the treats at the foot of the door and whenever the dog goes to pick the treats, the door will open.

During the very first days of installing the electronic pet door, use treats as often as you can. If you are inside the house and there is a treat at the foot of the door. The dog will always rush to get the treats and as the door opens, he will come inside.

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