My Dog Hates Drinking Water! Should I Worry?

Water is an essential component of your dog’s body. Water serves as a driver to all metabolic activities, which include: Kidney processes, digestion, and purification of blood.

Adequate water in a dog’s body not only prevents water deficiency diseases but also controls the temperature. However, water intoxication is a major problem associated with drinking too much water.

Thus, dogs need to be given the right volumes of water as per the vet’s recommendations.

Different types of dogs require varying amounts of water. The difference depends on the age, size, and breed of the dog. Smaller dogs require relatively low amounts of water compared to large ones.

Lack of enough water results in dehydration, while excess water results in overhydration. Ensure you observe the rate at which your dog is drinking water, as inhaling the water can result in different health complications.

Slow water drinking, correct water quantities, and clean water are the critical aspects of healthy drinking.

Drinking equipment is also a critical item to consider. All drinking items should be regularly washed. A dog, just like any other pet, needs proper hygiene. Additionally, water needs to be clean at all times.

When dogs drink contaminated water, health problems such as vomiting and even other acute diseases occur.

So, which are the top ways to promote more water drinking for your dog?

Use of clean water and bowls

Drinking dirty water is the primary cause of many stomach problems. Why should you allow your dog to drink dirty water at your watch? Why should you incur the extra cost of sourcing a vet because your dog drank dirty water? Always use clean water and a drinking bowl for your dogs.

But how can you ensure clean water and bowls? Here are some ways to put into practice:

  • Use fresh filtered water.
  • Regular washing of drinking bowls.
  • Change the water more often and fill with fresh water.
  • Avoid slim clumping up in drinking bowls.
  • Use recommended drinking bowls.

It is advisable to wash drinking bowls with warm water and with the right sponge.

Numerous drinking bowls

One way to encourage more water drinking is by using many drinking bowls. The bowls should be placed in different places where your dog is likely to go. The containers should be clean and always containing water.

Dogs tend to keep loitering all over the house. So, making water accessible in all those areas will make them drink more water.

The bowls should be in different varieties. Some dogs prefer plastics bowls while others ceramic ones. If you find your dog refusing to drink water, try changing the type of drinking water in use.

The best way to know the type of bowl your dog loves is to try different ones.

Proper sizes and positioning of water bowls

Water accessibility is a crucial measure for more water drinking. The drinking bowls should be elevated in the right position for your dog.

Consider the size of your dog and the type of dish you are using. From afar, the dog should be able to spot where drinking water is.

The size of the drinking bowl should match the size of your dog. Alternatively, if you use a small drinking bowl to a large dog, more frequent refilling is needed. Some pots have wrong shapes, making dogs struggle to access the water.

Other water bowls are unstable, and therefore, dogs pour water when trying to drink. Thus, the size, shape, and position of water bowls are a major driving factor to better water drinking.

Water flavoring

Water additives not only encourage more water drinking but also serve as nutrients addition. Low sodium chicken broth is one flavor you should try mixing with water to promote drinking.

If your dogs love bones broth, use it in their water. The soup will make your dog healthier as well as providing proper hydration.

Some dogs prefer eating cucumber and watermelons. Since the highest composition of these fruits is water, they serve as water providing food items. Other water additives do away with mouth forming bacteria.

However, be cautious with the type of broth you are using to avoid causing bowel issues to your dog.

Use of ice cubes

During summer, ice cubes are the best option to encourage more water intake. Ice cubes are made up of frozen water. So ice cubes are just water.

When your dogs chew ice cubes, they are consequently drinking water. However, some dogs need ice cubes mixed with warm water. Another way to encourage your dog to chew more ice cubes is by adding flavor to them.

Additionally, you can flavor the drinking bowl with broth where you place those ice cubes.

Quality Kibble

It would be best if you feed your dog with quality food. Some foodstuffs require being mixed with warm water before availing them to your dog. By supplying your dogs with the right food, you automatically encourage them to drink water when eating or after eating.

Some foodstuffs contain a high amount of water and they ensure the correct hydration of your dog.

Before feeding your dog, always understand the water quantities present in them to estimate how much more water your dog needs.

Use of dog water fountain

Dogs love drinking from running water. The water fountain offers your dog a chance to drink more water. The water stays fresh at all times as you keep adding clean water from time to time.

Consider using a water fountain as many dogs tend to drink more water from it when playing with the circulating water.

Water fountain also offers an exercising activity for your dog.

Proper water drinking gears a better overall dog’s health. The simple methods discussed above should be adopted as a way of promoting more water drinking.

However, polydipsia is a health condition arising from water intoxication and should be avoided. The right volumes of water for your dogs should be observed.

Thus, it is always crucial to monitor your dog’s water intake. In case of any health conditions, contact your near vet for assistance.

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