My Dog Hates His e-Collar

An e collar is crucial for a dog that is recovering from surgery. It helps to prevent your pup from licking or biting at the incision. Note that if your dog gets access to where the incision is, he can remove the staples or the sutures. Once it is open, he will begin to lick and scratch, exposing it to infections. Doing this may lead to more serious health problems. If this happens, it may necessitate further treatment, which may be costly to a pet owner.

But remember, not all dogs like putting the e collar on. Some may get used to wearing it and can put up with it for some time. However, others hate wearing them and can make use of every opportunity to take them off. So, what makes a dog hate wearing an e collar? Can wearing an e collar make your dog depressed, and is it advisable to take it off? Is there a way of helping him get used to wearing it? For these and more about dogs and e collar, read this article to the end.

Why Do Dogs Hate Wearing e Collar?

There is a reason why your dog hates wearing an e collar. The e collar may be too tight on your dog’s neck, and it is choking him. Also, the e collar is a new thing for the dog, and wearing it may restrict the dog’s movement. It makes moving around a bit difficult for him. So, it is possible for a dog to resist this change that makes his life uncomfortable.

Can a Dog Get Depressed from Wearing e Collar?

Yes, a dog can get depressed if you put an e collar around his neck. Remember, this is something new to him. So, it will definitely make him feel uncomfortable. If it is tight, it can make eating, drinking, and moving around uncomfortable for him. So, your dog may feel depressed about this.

Is It a Good Idea to Take It Off?

While some dogs may not mind wearing the e collar, others find them uncomfortable. They cannot tolerate having it around their neck. However, remember that wearing an e collar is for your dog’s own good, and it is a temporary thing. So, you shouldn’t feel bad about it. Also, note that removing the collar may not be a good idea. If you do this, you will be exposing your dog to more danger.

However, if your dog hates it too much, you may take it off. But before removing, ensure that you talk to your vet to advise on the best alternative. For any decision you make, your dog’s safety and health should come first.

How Make Your Dog Feel More Comfortable With e Collar

If your dog hates e collar, you will see him struggle. But the solution is not to take it off. You can only do this when it is necessary. Otherwise, it would help if you were strict with him until he gets used to wearing the e collar.

Also, ensure that you get your dog a well-fitting e collar. If the e collar is of the proper size, your pup will feel comfortable wearing it. He can eat, drink, and sleep without a problem. The thing here is to ensure that the e collar is not making your dog strain in any way.

Another thing to do if you want your dog to get used to wearing an e collar, ensure that you get him enough space. If you let your pup run into things while wearing the e collar, he will hate it. Since he is not used to the dimension of the head, you should remove any unnecessary obstacles. Doing this will help him less resistant when it comes to wearing the e collar.

When to Call a Vet?

Your dog may not get used to the e collar, however much you try to make him comfortable. So, if you have tried all the tricks and nothing seems to work, you can call your vet to discuss the issue. A vet expert can give you the best advice or safe alternative to help your pet.


While it is crucial for your dog to wear an e collar, it doesn’t have to make him uncomfortable. So, if it reaches a point where your dog has to wear it, try your best to make him comfortable. If you make the dog feel at ease when wearing the collar, he will adjust fast.

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