My Dog Hates Eggs

Have you ever stopped to think about the fact that humans and some animals have a lot in common? Note that we are not talking about Darwin’s theory. We are talking about the similarity in our diet. Animals will eat almost anything we eat; Though in their natural state. They only have problems when we make some adjustments to that which is natural.

We also get picky; We develop some phobia for some kind of food right from birth. There are only a few instances when we finally have some love for the food. But in most cases, that does not happen. It is nonetheless surprising when domesticated animals like our dogs also become picky.

Having a phobia for a particular food is more ironic with our canine friends. That is because we know them to eat anything. However they indeed can be choosy. Though not in a general sense. Your dog may love a particular food, while your neighbor’s dog may not like the same food.

In this article, we look at a situation where your dog hates eggs. We look at whether it is okay for your dog to hate eggs. We also look at the benefits your dog may miss and how you can take care of the situation. Let’s have the conversation going.

It’s Not Strange for Your Dog to Hate Eggs

You probably have never heard of a dog that hates eggs, have you? Well, it turns out that your dog is not the first and not the last to hate eggs. That is good news. We hope it makes you feel a little better since there’s power in knowledge. 

Also, you can only get to address your dog’s condition if it’s a common condition. For that cause, we have solutions to this problem.

Why Your Dog Hates Eggs

Why would you not like a specific food? Many people will judge the food based on its taste. And secondly, because of how the food makes them feel or how they react to the food. However, unlike us, dogs do not discriminate against food based on how they taste. Experts say that dogs have one thousand, seven hundred taste buds. Now compare that with the nine thousand taste buds that we have.

So basically, dogs have way fewer taste buds to judge the bad taste that raw eggs have. Leave that to us who cannot stand the taste. If you try taking raw eggs, it will come out the same way it went in. That’s how bad it is. Wait a second. We are not through yet. Why then does your dog hate eggs? Read on to get your answer.

The reason why your dog hates eggs is that eggs are known to cause allergic reactions to dogs. The allergic reactions include inflammation of the ear, diarrhea, itchy skin, and gas. Eggs can also cause your dog gastrointestinal problems. Have you seen any of these symptoms lately?

What Your Dog Is Missing Out On

The fact that your dog cannot stand eggs is regrettable. And that is because eggs have immense benefits for humans as well as dogs. Eggs consist of lots of protein and Vitamin A, among others.

The eggs’ protein is responsible for hair growth. It also helps with skin health, muscles, and cartilages. Imagine all that in one egg.

On the other hand, Vitamin A is responsible for bone health. It also helps in improving your dog’s vision and reproduction. Vitamin A also helps in boosting your dog’s immune system.

As you can see, eggs have a lot of benefits for dogs. That means that your dog is missing out on a lot. However, you can do something about it. We shall talk about that in the segment that follows.

What You Can Do

There’s more to eggs than what meets the eye. So if your dog hates eggs, you have to act on the issue. So, what should you do to ensure your dog stays healthy?

The first thing you should do is try preparing the eggs differently. Currently, there’s a lot of debate on whether raw eggs are suitable for dogs or not. So if you are serving your dog with raw eggs, you can try boiling or giving your canine scrambled eggs. Remember to be temperate. Also, guard against adding salt to the eggs.

You should also consult with your vet on what you can do to ensure your dog is not malnourished. That is very important since, without the nutrients, your dog cannot be healthy. And you do not want that; trips to the dog hospital will render you cashless.

Let’s Wrap It Up

Dogs are picky, just like us. However, when it comes to hating food with many health benefits, that’s wanting. One of those foods is eggs. Your dog may not like eggs because of the itch they have to endure, among other reactions. So it would be best if you talked to your vet about a substitute when all your efforts fail.

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