My Dog Hates Everyone but Me

An antisocial, people hating, and aggressive dog can be a big issue you need to handle as soon as possible. Even if it means bringing in professional help to rein them in, so be it. Sometimes it’s not that your dog hates people. Rather it could be their fear of strangers. Various reasons could make your dog horrible and have little patience for anyone else. For example, some breeds are genetically predisposed to behave that way. But perhaps your dog is merely protective of you.

Another probable reason is that perhaps you did not properly socialize your pup as they were growing up. But did you also know that plenty of dogs with a history of abuse can grow fearful of people? Reasons abound, and sometimes starting afresh with a professional dog trainer can unearth the real causes and retrain your dog into a loving, obedient, and social animal.

Challenges of an Indifferent Pup Like Yours

The biggest problem with an uncaring and antisocial four-legged friend is that you will not venture anywhere in the outdoors with him. If he is not hiding in the bushes, he will become overly aggressive. Your pup may even jump in for the kill if you try to bring him closer to other dogs. Suppose you cannot take him to the park or in the neighborhood and other social places because he barks, growls, and even bites. Don’t you think this type of ownership can begin to weigh down on you? 

Even if you love him so dearly, don’t you think it can be exhausting to be your pup’s only friend in the entire world? It is the reason you have to retrain him to love people and other dogs. Depending on how long your canine has had this behavior, it may take some time to rehabilitate him. Generally, you will have to hang in there and exercise patience to reap positive results.

Why It May Not Be a Hate but Ownership Issue

Does your dog have an alpha personality with an intuitive idea of pack leadership? No wonder they are aggressive towards anyone they are not familiar with. It depends on what order, according to him, he is in your household. For instance, does he see himself as the strongest, fittest, and even most intelligent? Then, of course, he is likely to be so dominant that he leads and you follow. By being dominant, he also wants to own and protect you by all means. Anyone coming close to you may now be an enemy, and it is the reason they will growl and bark everyone off. Stability is also vital to your dog, and any changes, however mild, can cause stress and irritability.

How Does This Dominant Behavior Arise? 

According to expert dog trainers, your dog is inherently supposed to obey you. But specific behavior from your side may confuse them, making them think you are relinquishing your position. For example, those friendly and generous acts you show your dog are usually perceived as weakness and servitude. Suppose your dog brings forth the foreleg and wants to pet, and you do as he wants. Perhaps he loudly barks to come off the dog yard, and you let him out. Or when he demands his dinner, you jump and deliver.  You are weak to him, you are his servant, and it could be why the ownership trait gradually starts to take form.

Your Dog Relies on Your or Safety and Leadership 

Naturally, dogs live in a world dominated by humans, which means they are supposed to be subservient. They should look to you to provide leadership and safety and not the other way around. It is why you should demonstrate your competency, ability, and total confidence to lead. It’s also the only way you can be worthy of their respect. It means you do not do as your dog demands. Instead, you instruct them to do as you want. Just like a child, your dog becomes spoiled rotten if you comply with everything they demand. You can start to teach your dog that everything comes via your consent. By establishing leadership, you start to control your dog, including how he behaves around people and other dogs.

What if you are not so sure? You can work closely with a professional dog trainer. You can also make use of readily available training resources to understand the root cause of your dog’s problematic behaviors and how to nip them in the bud.

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