My Dog Hates Exercise

If your puppy hates exercise, it means he loves snuggling up or lounging with you on the couch. It means your furry friend is becoming lazy and might add weight if you’re not careful, causing him health complications. Before you crucify your puppy for being lazy, ask yourself if you’re contributing to it. It could be that you also fail him as a parent by not inviting him for walks. Be it health complications or laziness, you shouldn’t allow your puppy to lie around without exercising. You need to change his attitude; do you know how? Read along this informative article to understand why your dog hates exercise and what you can do to make him love it.

What Can Make Your Puppy Hate Exercise

Dogs love it whenever they’re going for walks, and so should yours. But if your puppy hates exercise, it means he’s got his reasons, which you should look for and see the best way out. However, if you’re the cause for his attitude, it can be tricky. For instance, it could be that it’s always strenuous whenever you go out for exercise, making him tired and in pain. If not that it may be that you don’t take him out for a play, and he’s been indoors and lazy that he can’t exercise.

Another reason why your pup may hate exercising is because of boredom or if he’s got a thyroid problem. Arthritis and lyme disease can also make your canine have no interest in exercising. 

Effects of Your Canine Not Exercising

You don’t expect your puppy to be too lazy around and be healthy; he must develop a complication. Lack of exercise will make your hound overweight. If your pup is obese and has a low nutrient diet, expect him to have constant disease attacks. Your furry friend may also become destructive as he lacks ways to let out his extra energy. With this behavior, your puppy may destroy anything that comes his way. 

Depression and being restless are also signs that your dog isn’t exercising. When your hound is in distress, he’ll not have an interest in whatever is happening around him. Please don’t allow your puppy’s disinterest and laziness to cost him his health and look for ways to change the attitude.

Ways of Making Your Puppy Stop Hating Exercise

You can use different methods to lure your hound back to exercising. First, try using treats and toys to motivate him to come out of his comfort zone. Use his toys to introduce hide and seek so that he moves around going after them. You can also run around carrying his favorite treats to make him come for them, and in the process, he’ll be exercising. Alternatively, you can set play dates where you take your pup to other dogs so that they can play around. A date to doggie daycare can also do, but going to the dog’s park can also change his attitude. Remember the date will allow your puppy to socialize and learn something from other dogs.

Playing with your hound can also make your lazy pup to get active as you’ll be keeping him company. You don’t need to play for hours; just 15 minutes can do. Run around the house or both of you to go for a toy.

What if My Dog Is Sick or Old to Exercise?

Your puppy might hate exercising because of an underlying health condition such as arthritis, which leaves him in pain. If your puppy is overweight, he may be too lazy to get out or feel exercising will make him tired. For whatever reason that makes your puppy hate exercise, don’t let him lazy around. Instead, look for a way of making the exercise comfortable for him. Don’t over-exercise, be cautious with your old dog, and look for an alternative exercise method. 

Making the Experience Comfortable for Your Dog Who Hates Exercise

Once you’ve brought back the exercising spirit to your dog, make the experience comfortable and lovable. Start it slow as you progress, gradually going by your puppy’s speed and interest. Don’t forget to praise him for the excellent work after exercising.


Even though exercising is healthy for your pup, don’t force him into it. Instead, look for a way to entice him to exercise. Be cautious when exercising if your dog is sick or has an injury.  

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