8 Tips if Your Dog Hates Eye Drops

Eyes are among the most crucial body parts of an animal. Eyes are usually on the animal’s fore-face. The location of the eyes on the animals’ body exposes them to a lot of danger since they are typically open.

Also, it is easy to tamper with the eyes’ functioning since they are very sensitive. It is advisable to keep checking the status of your dog’s eyes to make sure they are safe. It is very normal for your dog to have eye infections or diseases.

It would be best if you got an eye prescription from your dog’s ophthalmologist in case your dog has eye infections or diseases. In most cases, dogs do not like the eye drops medicines, but you have to protect their visibility. The following is a list of what to do if your dog dislikes eye drops;

Give your dog a massage

Please do not make your dog feel like you are forcing it into accepting the drops into its eyes. Approach your dog politely make it lie on your laps or a sofa.

Place your hands on its back and massage it through the whole body heading to the face. Massage your dog’s face, back to the ears, and the forehead, and then lightly place your fingers on the eyelids. Make the dog feel comfortable with the movements of your hands on its face.

Then you can hold the eyelids and take the shortest time possible to put the eye drops on each eye. Please do not give your dog a chance to realize how much it does not like the eye drops.

Seek for the veterinary’s demonstration

The vet or a dog nursing team has the best knowledge of how to make dogs take eye drops. It is the best decision for you to ask either of them to demonstrate how to go about it.

Learn from them, how to handle the dog’s eyes when putting the drops into them. Borrow the specific tricks they use on your dog as they demonstrate and use them when alone.

With such knowledge, it will be easy to handle your dog when putting the eye drops.

Make the eye drops medicine warm

Usually, when the eyes treatment medicine should last for a while, you might have to keep it in a refrigerator as a preservation method. The liquid medicine ends up getting very cold.

Eyes are sensitive and also might become very painful when icy liquid or objects land in them.

So, make your dog feel comfortable with eye drop treatment by making it warm. You can expose it to some sunlight for it to warm before you put it into the dog’s eyes. Also, you can enclose it in your palm or put it in your pockets, for it to warm. Your dog might get comfortable with warm eye drops.

Talk to your dog

A dog has a way to communicate with the people in the surrounding. Despite lacking the ability to communicate by use of words, dogs take instructions from us, and they respond to us in different ways.

So, do not try forcing or try fooling the dog into getting the eye drops. Instead, talk to your dog; let it know it is time for the eye drops. Make it remember, it might be a painful or awful experience, but you both need to keep its eyes safe.

You can hug your dog to make it feel you sympathize with the situation and then drop the eye drops into its eyes.

Lure your dog by the use of some sweet treat

Try creating a happy mood around your dog before pulling the eye drop move it does not like. You can start by playing around with your dog since dogs love playing.

Then you can give your dog the best of its bites. Including; roast meat, cheese, and peanut butter. If possible, you can groom the dog and put some lovely pieces of clothing on it and make your dog takes some freshwater.

By the end, you will have made the best moods around the dog, making it easy for it to agree to accept the eye drops.

Try a variety of eye drop treatment

There is always a reason for your dog not to like the eye drops. Different eye drops react differently to the dog’s eyes. So if your dog insinuates a dislike of one type of eye drop treatment, then you can ask for a different one from the ophthalmologist.

Maybe by the end of the day, one type of eye drop medicine will sit well with your dog. Then the dog will get comfortable with the specific eye drop treatment. Getting ease with one of the eye drops will save you the awful moments of hurting your dog.

Ensure both you and your dog are comfortable

When you want to put the eye drops in your dog’s eyes, find a comfortable seat to sit on. Then, place your dog on laps or on a chair next to yours to make the dog’s body organs relax, including the eyes.

If your dog is a big one ask for help from a friend or a family. Let him or her help you hold the dog’s eyelids as you put in the drops. Making your dog comfortable helps it ease into the process.

Consider other alternatives for eye treatment

When your dog does not cooperate at all, then you will have to figure out how to get your dog’s eye infections or diseases done away with. Failure to fight the infections or conditions in your dog’s eyes can lead to more serious problems like losing visibility.

Therefore, you should consider visiting your dog’s ophthalmologist to advise you on what alternative method to using. Options like surgeries would work for eye problems that need long term treatment.

So if your dog had such a problem, then you should ask your ophthalmologist about operations and how effective they will be. Yes, your dog may undergo a lot of pain from the surgery but do not worry about the pain.

It may probably be a one-time pain which will put your dog’s eye problems into an end once and for all.

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