My Dog Hates Fireworks

Dogs are naturally afraid of loud noise, and it makes them nervous and anxious. However, their reaction to various sounds may vary. For instance, how they react to thunder may not be the same as fireworks. Also, for some reason, dogs are usually afraid of artificial sound compared to natural ones. For example, most pups happen to fear sounds from fireworks.

But what will make a dog fear fireworks? Is this normal, and how do you calm him down? How will you know that your dog doesn’t like fireworks? If you are here because you want to understand more about dogs and fireworks, don’t leave before reading the post to the end. It has useful information that can help you manage your pet when it comes to issues to do with fireworks.

Is It Normal for Dogs to Hate Fireworks?

It is expected for dogs to hate fireworks because loud noise makes them nervous. Also, dogs have natural survival instincts, which they use to protect themselves from things that make them afraid. One of these is running away. So, it is common to see dogs running away from something that makes them feel anxious such as fireworks.   

Why Your Dog Hates Fireworks

Sounds from fireworks can sometimes be too loud, and most of them are unpredictable. Because of their unpredictability, dogs perceive such noise to be a threat to their lives. So, when they hear such noise, they will respond by fighting back, which they express through continuous whining. Some may not whine or bark. Instead, they will run away to hide.

Signs That Your Dog is Afraid of Fireworks

The way dogs respond to fireworks may vary from one dog to the other. Those who are familiar with loud sounds will do nothing. They will appear calm and not bothered by what is happening. However, some may respond as a sign that they are afraid of the fireworks. If your pet is scared of fireworks, he will exhibit some behaviors upon hearing the sounds.

One common sign is him becoming anxious. When he is nervous, he will appear restless. He may also begin to pant and whine. If you see any of these behaviors during fireworks, know that your dog is afraid of the loud sounds.

What Should You Do if Your Dog Hates Fireworks?

If your pet hates fireworks, there are things you can do to help him calm down. Put him in a quiet place away from the door or windows. Somewhere, where he will barely hear the sound, or if he hears, it won’t be that loud. A large closet or basement can serve the purpose quite well. Such areas will be safe for your dog because he won’t be able to see the fireworks or get exposed to loud noises.

How Do You Help Your Dog to Overcome Fear Associated with Fireworks?

Since you can’t hide your dog forever, you should help him get used to the loud noise. You can do this by progressively desensitizing your pup to loud noise for a period of time. Let him learn to associate loud sounds with positive life situations like celebrations instead of scary events.

You can let him watch videos with loud noises as a way of desensitizing him. Once he gets used to loud noise, he will slowly overcome his fear of fireworks and any other loud noise. However, note that this is not a quick-fix solution. It takes time before your dog gets used to this and eventually overcomes his fears. So, you should exercise patience if you decide to pursue this option.


When a kid is afraid of something like noise, she will run to her parents for protection. Children always believe that parents have a solution to their problems. They have ways of protecting them. Interestingly, the same thing happens to dogs. If your dog is afraid of something, he will turn to you for protection.

So, ensure that you always come up with a better solution to helping your anxious dog. If you are not sure of what to do in a situation like fireworks, you can always reach out to your vet for some advice. Please don’t ignore your pet when he is afraid because this can make the stressful situation he is going through even worse.

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