My Dog Hates Flea Treatment

Experts recommend flea treatment for your dog at least every four weeks. But what if he hates these sessions? You can also begin to dread the impending date; as you know, your pup will be anxious, aggressive, and even depressed after each of the treatments. But all is never lost. All you need is to understand why your dog acts the way he does and find the most appropriate solutions. The most sensible thing would be to speak to your vet and see if they have any idea why your dog hates the flea treatment. You can also get more insight from other dog owners and see if they have had the same issue and how they handled it. But you can also go deep into online research. Armed with the available information, you can create options for dog-friendly flea medication.

What Are the Probable Reasons Your Dog to Hate Flea Treatment?

According to most dog owners, weird behavior is expected in almost all dogs, who act so strange after the treatment. The explanation could be mostly because the treatment formulation is quite intense, such that they can’t stand it. Remember, dogs are quite sensitive to smell, and the stronger the drug is, the more they can’t seem to tolerate it. Another logical reason your dog hates the treatment could be that it somehow burns and irritates their skin after the rub. Also, the real sensation makes your dog want to run.

Some of the Typical Changes in Behavior After Flea Treatment

It is not that your dog hates the treatment for nothing. Somehow, whatever application you use has some actual effect on your dog, making the pup behave weirdly. For example, your dog could become restless and try to rub off the medication. The animal may also begin pacing or even running around while excessively scratching. Another sign that the medication is taking effect is that your pup may begin to roll on the floor. It is also the reason for sulking and sometimes aggressiveness. The overall symptoms after an application could be the main reason your dog can stand the next treatment. And with such aftermath, which dog wouldn’t react with apprehension any time they see that familiar tube that makes them suffer?

Simple Ways You Can Administer the Treatment Without Hurting Your Dog

Generally, dogs can be sensitive to smell and treatment agents. If the application makes them squirm, it would be wise to use gentler ways and see if they respond. While some owners say they often distract their dog by taking them for a walk and quickly administer, you can also use other great methods. For example, an essential step in every treatment is to identify beforehand the fur spot for administration. It makes it easier to squeeze the liquid quickly in the most affected areas. Even if the infestation is mild and not easily noticeable, this method can reach most spots.

For smaller dog breeds, you can part the fur right at the shoulder blade. Then squeeze the liquid and carefully apply deep into the skin and the fur. If yours is a larger dog, then part the fur into four sections that run vertically and horizontally. Then apply the treatment along those lines, including to the tail base.

Are There Any Other Alternative Treatments for Your Dog to Tolerate?

If your dog finds the medication so repulsive, it can be challenging for you to make the next application. Some can even be aggressive and resist the treatment. Yet you must also ensure your pup is healthy and without chances for an ugly infestation. Generally, it would be good to speak to the vet who can recommend milder but equally effective drug options. You can also speak to other dog owners and see if they can mention the best flea treatment. Ask them if they have ever dealt with dogs such as yours and how best they handled them.

While some experts often recommend natural flea treatment, especially for sensitive skin, you must be careful which one to choose. It is because some of the formulations can equally cause weird reactions. It would be good to only go for flea treatment that is scientifically proven to work.

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