My Dog Hates German Shepherds

German shepherds are mainly large, and they are bred to intimidate. At maturity, the breed can weigh between 50 to 90 pounds. Suppose yours is a smaller breed. The shepherd can easily scare them. But another reason can make your dog squirm once they encounter this dog breed. Perhaps, they have experienced an ugly incident with a dog that looks exactly like the shepherd. Or your dog hates other breeds. As scary as German shepherds appear, they are generally social and get on well with other dog breeds, including the smaller types. Several primal instincts could be why your dog cannot stand the German shepherd. Here are some of them.

The German Shepherd Could Be a Different Breed from Your Dog

Animal experts say most dogs can immediately tell if a particular dog is like them. If they are of a different breed, they could start hating on them straight away. Assuming they encountered an unsettling episode with a German shepherd, your dog will still hate anything to do with all German shepherds. Your fur friend’s thinking is that dogs from this tribe have the same mannerisms, and it’s why your dog will run, bark, or become aggressive any time they see one of the German shepherds. On the contrary, if your dog encounters another breed but easily rhymes, the love can last a lifetime. It doesn’t matter if it is of a different breed.

Your Dog’s Heightened Senses Makes Them Discriminative

Dogs have significantly heightened senses such that they can choose what works and doesn’t work for them that easily. For example, their acute sense of smell helps them know if the German shepherd is of its kind or not. But then again, your dog may choose to shove the German Shepherd aside because of how they walk or how much bigger they are than themselves. The pup may also discriminate based on how vocal the other dog is. Other instinctive judgment could be based on the energy levels, intelligence, and even the odor the other breed emits. If the German shepherd is different in their aggressiveness or submissiveness, no wonder your dog can’t stand them.

Could the Other Dog’s Gender Be the Main Issue?

You may have to find out because if your dog is of an alpha personality, they will associate with the opposite gender irrespective of the breed. Check if the particular dog is of the same gender as yours, which leads to an all-break-out of war. Even if your pup may want to avoid all confrontation most of the time, they can suddenly change if the other breed is not of the expected gender.

Perhaps Your Dog Hasn’t Had Proper Socialization

Dogs can learn to associate with other dogs irrespective of breed and gender from the earliest age possible. It’s one of those things you should investigate and maybe retrain your dog to accept other dogs. The best way is to have a professional dog trainer check out the pup and see if they have the necessary socialization skills. If not, you can schedule a few classes and have them follow specific obedience commands. A poorly socialized dog can be challenging to live with, as they will become aggressive and anxious around other dogs. Imagine a park where only German shepherds come to play. It means that you can’t take your animal because of how they react once they see these other dogs.

Meanwhile, could your dog be merely disinterested in other dogs?  Maybe just like humans, your dog doesn’t see the need to mingle with the German Shepherd and tries to keep the most reasonable distance from them. At this point, it seems their personality is at work, and there is nothing you can do.

Finding the reasons behind your dog’s hate of German shepherds is the only way you can help them keep calm even in that breed’s presence. Even if your dog might have been bitten as a puppy by one of the German shepherds, you can begin to develop a few solutions that can remove the bad energy they have for the shepherd. The best thing is that dogs respond to any training technique quite well. All you need is patience, and some of these behavioral issues will be history.

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